April 26, 2010

Mini makeup tutorial

Today I will tell you guys, step by step how I did my eye make up for the "Before the rain we smile" post. Enjoy!!!
This is what I used for the total look:
Urban Decay Eye lid primer
Clinique Even Better liquid foundation
Loreal Voluminous mascara
MAC "Trax" eyeshadow
MAC "All that glitters" eyeshadow
ELF eyeshadow duo in Mocha swirl
Brown or black eyeliner, I use Teddy by MAC
MAC Viva la glam GAGA lipstick
1 eye shadow brush
1 blending brush
clear lip gloss

1. Prep your eyelids with any primer that you use. I use Urban Decay

2. Take "All taht glitter" and with an eyeshadow brush put it all over your lid and even in the crease.
3. Take "Trax" and with blending brush, put it in your crease. Try blending Trax with All that glitters, so there would not be a harsh line between them.

4. Use the light color from ELF Mocha swirl duo and highlight your brow bone - I put it right under my eyebrow. Use any eyeshadow brush, that u prefer for highlight.

5. Use any brown/black eyeliner and eyeline your upper lid with a thin line.

6. Apply your favorite mascara.


On my face I use Clinique Even Better makeup, some bronzer. For lips- GAGA lipstick with clear gloss over it. Oh, and I just realized that I didnt include the eyeliner in the picture, but you can see it here. It's the best brown eyeliner that I have ever used!!!

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