July 29, 2009

After the beach comes the sunburn.

Man, I cant even touch my shoulders, arms, or chest. It's burning. I put some aloe vera on like every hour but it hurts either way.

on this picture you cant really telll but my arm is as red as the fire truck.

And a very nice tan line as well. Should look great with my outfit for Saturday party.Grr...

Nazar got me these last Friday for ukrainian holiday. It's funny, but in Ukraine we had princess Olya (many, many centuries ago), who is now proclaimed as a saint and every July 24th in a religious calendar it's a St. Olya's holiday. SO, I got flowers, cant be unhappy about that. -_-*

July 28, 2009

Finally, the ocean!!!

Finally this summer I made it to the beach. I thought it's not going to happen since I've been so busy. I usually go to the same beach every summer. So, Belmar is my favorite one for the past 4 years. It's beautiful there, and everyone is very sweet.

Got to wear my forever 21 dress. It's too big on me, as I predicted, but for some reason they had no small only medium and large, in like every single dress that I liked that time. So, I bought medium and now I have to deal with it.

I put Nazar there for time out. Jk.

I called this picture "Nazar the Seagull"

Haha... Nazar was like: "Why is it always Nazar hearts Olya, and not Olya hearts Nazar???"

Water was so nice and warm. I went swimming 4 times. For me it's a lot, because most of the time I go once and that's it.

July 27, 2009

one thing ends new thing begins....

Hi! Today is a very busy day for me. I need to buy birthday gifts and find a dress for Saturdays party. My stepdad's birthday party. Also, today in the mail I recieved a thank you note from Tanya and an invitation to a wedding. The wedding is in Poland next week, so unfortunatelly I will not be able to go. I wish it was 2 weeks from now, than it would work since I will be in Ukraine. But anyway, now I have to run.
I like that the thank you note is the same as the invitation. Scroll down to "Baby shower" to see invitation.
Wedding invitation. Very simple but tasteful.
And this is at the new restaurant "Tula" around my house. It is some what expensive. We left a little bit over $100 in there just for two ( we got a bottle of wine though). Portions are small, however, it tasted great. Inside decor is very chic too. And they have a good selection of wine. I was drunk again. haha...

July 20, 2009

And after the baby shower...

After the babyshower, Nazar and I went to the Joe's crab shackn for the first time. It was a lot of fun. I was not dressed properly for the place with my heels and mini dress and got many looks from old grandmas and grandpas, but oh well.

Joe's decor


Baby shower!

Baby shower invitation

So, yesterday I attended my first baby shower ever. It was fun. Food, drinks, company. But, geez, some people bought really bad gifts. I understand if a gift is coming from gradma and relatives than it's ok to buy bath gels and soaps, the rest should have thought more. Mean, I know, but come on! Don't put a shower gel into a bag and thinks that it's a nice gift! Anyway. Tanya's husband got her a tiffany's necklace that is shaped into a mom and a daughter, and for the baby he got an original tiffany Man in the Moon rattle. So cute!!!

Mommy to be

Time to open gifts!
My souvenirs: scented candle and some sweets

July 19, 2009

awsome dress!

OMG!!! The dress in the middle is so gorgeous!!! I love it. Wedding dream dress??? The one on the left is realy cool too, impossible to wear though. Last one is as good as the middle one!


Ukrainian graduation.
Business school graduates. Hm, some dresses are completelly ridiculous!!!! It's the class of one of my guy friends.

Law school graduates. My girl friend is one of the graduates.

other things

My new favorite nail polishes.

I have changed my mascara from original Dior to Dior blackout, and I'm loving it. Avon lip plump gloss, Maybelline eye shadow (really good), and Urban Decay golden eye shadow.

Since I cannot find those flats that I want so much, I decided to use these. I have had them for 2 years now, but kept them for special occasions only because of their color. I bought them in this store called Staccato that used to be in PPP mall and unfortunately is no longer there. The shirt is from Zara basics collection. And denim vest is from H&M. I have been looking at it for a while and finally decided to get it. It fits very well.

Baby shopping

Hello! I have been away the past week and very busy with school, therefore, didnt get a chance to blog much. But today, I had to go to the mall and find a gift for a baby. One of the girls from work is having a baby girl and tomorrow is her baby shower. I have never been to this type of event and have no idea what to buy. She had registry at BabyRus, but people told me that nothing is left there to buy, so the only thing I can buy now is clothes, which is fine with me, cause I love shopping for babies. Everything is so small and cute. And along the way I bought some stuff for my niece and my best friend's baby. So, when it's time to go to Ukraine I will not be running around like crazy looking for gifts.
So, this is my baby shower gift. I got it at GYMBOREE store. It's from 3 to 6 months, so baby will be able to wear this for winter holidays.
Here there are two of the same type of shirt - green and yellow. Yellow is for my niece, green and grey with the cat is for my best friends baby Olya. Elephant hair pins are for the one that has enough hair -_-*
This jacket and swim suit is for my friends baby - Olya.
For my niece I also got this other outfit and a pair of jeans. they are so cool that I would wear them if I could fit into them!