August 26, 2012

Let the fall shopping spree begin!

I was eyeing these for some time now and  as always had the headrest time to pick  the colors and click that "PLACE YOUR ORDER" space. But I guess today was the day. I did it! 
I started my fall shopping yesterday. Which was very successful, and a new fall/winter coat is now nicely hanging in the closet, waiting for its time. As well as a new (very cute, I promise) clutch!  
I am still on the look out for a new leather jacket and a black bag. 
I think I'm done buying pants, but new winter boots is a must! Last year I had no luck with boots, so I hope this year to do better in that department.
xoxo, Olya 

{Ahh... can't wait to put these on}

August 05, 2012

Neck workout...purchase from Zara

It might be a serious neck workout to wear this piece. But what a love at first sight:)

xoxo, Olya