May 31, 2009

Little visit, unforgettable memories!

Tell me, who's scared?! haha... There are more pictures, where we are more human, but I dont have them yet.

May 28, 2009

The princes dress I want.

So, this is the type of dress I really want to add to my closet. Not exactly in black, but black is nice too. I call it the princes dress of a modern day. Claudia, where can I get one for under $400??? (I think it's impossible).

May 27, 2009

kristian Aadnevik

totally amazing collection!

Today's song:

Today's song: "Bonfires"
by Blue Foundation

Random findings.

The original poster. Varga girl.
Hayden Panettiere.

May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We went to the new Japanese place that has opened around my place. Dessert was the best!

How sweet!

May 25, 2009

Saturday bug collecting with Lexmi

Lexmi and I
In the forest

Our tools

I'm testing water:)

As you see my rain boots didnt help.
Friendly cows

Long weekend!

Hi! I just came back from my camping trip. It was a very short trip, we stayed there for one night. But even that was too long for me. It was very hot today, impossible to breathe. Anyway, we had fun, and now I can't wait till we go to Lake George!!!

May 20, 2009

Steal that look!

I saw a very similar jacket at H&M last weekend. Scarf can be found at American Apparel. Jean @Madewell1937. Now shoes, is kind of a problem. Probably has something close to these.
I know this look is more of a autumn look, but that's my problem. I'm not really into summer looks. Autumn/winter/spring on the other hand is my thing.

Image from Thesartorialist.

That's my child!!!

Image from Thesartorialist. Sydney.

Summer wish

this one is my favorite. Black shirt and boyfriend jeans!^

That necklace is so cool ^... I saw it in the store but it was sort of expensive about $50

May 19, 2009

Make the girl dance???

New Moon poster leaked!!!

Nice!!! Bella girl holding on to Jacob!!! What do we think? The official New Moon trailer will be played during the MTv Movie award ceremony on May 31st! Cant wait!!!!

Today's song:

Todays song is: "Trouble is a friend" By Lenka

May 18, 2009

No white bra???

Hi... my mom came over today. She brought me some food, cause she thinks I'm starving here... hahaha... and then we went out to get some ice cream. I was getting ready and couldn't find my white bra. I have only one, so when it's missing I know right away... So, I'm telling my mom: Oh my god, I dont know where my white bra is! and I'm getting really annoyed as I keep looking for it, and she goes: Oh by the way, I sort of did your laundry last week and it got stuck in the washing mashine, so I threw it out.
I was really crazy when I heard that. First of all, why did she touch my laundry ( I was supposed to go there this weekend and do it myself), second of all, I told her before to never do my laundry, cause every time she does it something happens to my clothes, and thir of ALL, how are you putting a bra into a washing mashine without a protective bag??? I dont know...
She told me she didnt see the bra, and she felt bad, so now she's buying me a new one. But it was my favorite bra, I bougth it at H&M for $10. Oh well.
By the way, Victoria's Secret is having its semi-annual sale!

Today's song:

Today's song is: "Fashion" By Heidi Montag

I'm alive.

Hi! so finally I decided to kick my lazy butt and do some blogging... Not much happened in the last few days. I did some shopping and went clubbing last night. Ha! In the club, I was totally lost, I forgot how to party. My friends and I left way before the club was closing... too tired! And today I worked, then went to TJmaxx to buy some pillow cases ( I ran out of clean ones; I'm bad I know), went out to dinner with my boy, and now just totally ready to crash into my bed...

My clubbing outfit: Shoes: Jessiaca Simpson, Top: Zara($30), Leggings: Romeo&Juliete, Lohmann's ($25).

So, I went out on a makeup and body stuff shopping. Eye shadows: Urban Decay(sephora $17), Clarins(sephora$20); tweezerman twezer + file set (sephora$24).

Hello Kitty band-aid (CVS $1.99), Nail polish (sephora $5), my favorite lip gloss ever by KORRESnaturalproducts(sephora$16)

Floral scarf(H&M$7.90), Sunglasses(UrbanOutfitters$18), sandals(stevemadden from Lohmann's$45).

Hair products: Shampoo CHI (Sallybeautysupplies$13), protective conditioner RUSK(Sallybeautysupplies$10). Hair straitener PHIpink ( kiosk in the mall$100), small round brush Goody(CVS$5.99)

My crazy blue nail polish and a colored glass ring that I got for my 21st birthday 2 years ago from Sara.

This is how this amazing urban decay eyeshadow looks. Clarins eyeshadow is more light and lilac color.