May 18, 2009

I'm alive.

Hi! so finally I decided to kick my lazy butt and do some blogging... Not much happened in the last few days. I did some shopping and went clubbing last night. Ha! In the club, I was totally lost, I forgot how to party. My friends and I left way before the club was closing... too tired! And today I worked, then went to TJmaxx to buy some pillow cases ( I ran out of clean ones; I'm bad I know), went out to dinner with my boy, and now just totally ready to crash into my bed...

My clubbing outfit: Shoes: Jessiaca Simpson, Top: Zara($30), Leggings: Romeo&Juliete, Lohmann's ($25).

So, I went out on a makeup and body stuff shopping. Eye shadows: Urban Decay(sephora $17), Clarins(sephora$20); tweezerman twezer + file set (sephora$24).

Hello Kitty band-aid (CVS $1.99), Nail polish (sephora $5), my favorite lip gloss ever by KORRESnaturalproducts(sephora$16)

Floral scarf(H&M$7.90), Sunglasses(UrbanOutfitters$18), sandals(stevemadden from Lohmann's$45).

Hair products: Shampoo CHI (Sallybeautysupplies$13), protective conditioner RUSK(Sallybeautysupplies$10). Hair straitener PHIpink ( kiosk in the mall$100), small round brush Goody(CVS$5.99)

My crazy blue nail polish and a colored glass ring that I got for my 21st birthday 2 years ago from Sara.

This is how this amazing urban decay eyeshadow looks. Clarins eyeshadow is more light and lilac color.


  1. i am envious! you get to shop so much! i buy things here and there, but i end up feeling guilty about it. i have buyers remorse a lot.

  2. Oh I dont make even 20% of the money I spent in the past 2 days. Nazar sent me on this shopping thing as of end of the school year reward... hahaha... he's sweet.. plus I havent done my hair in ages cause my hair straitener broke, so he was like, just go and get what you need...
    and I know about that buyers remorse too... but the things I bought I really needed, except maybe that scarf and clarins eyeshadow. I might return eyeshadow.. Idk.
    by the way, when is your baby shower? maybe you are not having one, I know some people dont like those things...let me know!


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