May 18, 2009

No white bra???

Hi... my mom came over today. She brought me some food, cause she thinks I'm starving here... hahaha... and then we went out to get some ice cream. I was getting ready and couldn't find my white bra. I have only one, so when it's missing I know right away... So, I'm telling my mom: Oh my god, I dont know where my white bra is! and I'm getting really annoyed as I keep looking for it, and she goes: Oh by the way, I sort of did your laundry last week and it got stuck in the washing mashine, so I threw it out.
I was really crazy when I heard that. First of all, why did she touch my laundry ( I was supposed to go there this weekend and do it myself), second of all, I told her before to never do my laundry, cause every time she does it something happens to my clothes, and thir of ALL, how are you putting a bra into a washing mashine without a protective bag??? I dont know...
She told me she didnt see the bra, and she felt bad, so now she's buying me a new one. But it was my favorite bra, I bougth it at H&M for $10. Oh well.
By the way, Victoria's Secret is having its semi-annual sale!

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  1. just use it as an excuse to get a bangin' new bra. i think i only have one white bra too.


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