July 30, 2010

Life-size -paperdoll Giveaway!!!

Hi guys! This blogger has contacted me and told me about her giveaway! If you would like to enter it, visit her page! and good luck:) the link to her page is below:

Totally Random Post

July 28, 2010

Monday. Day at the beach.

This Monday I spent at the beach. It was actually the first time this summer that I went to the beach and spent a decent amount of time there. The weather was perfect and I'm planning to repeat this next Monday, which is my birthday!!! I'm not very excited about getting older, but I am excited to celebrate!

Nice amount for lunch, huh?! I was in shock!!!! I wasn't expecting it at all. So, I pretty much emptied my pockets for this week. Lol. (lunch was for for 3 people)

P.S. And these are some super cute nail polish sets that I got from H&M. I still have to show you what I got from that shopping trip, but that will be later.

July 25, 2010

Salt and Sugar

Last night I went to see "Salt" and then we met up with some friends for drinks. I wish every day would be as relaxing as yesterday:) I also did some shopping during the day, but that I will post later on.
SO, finally OOTD!!!

T-shirt ZARA, Skirt H&M, Shoes Jessica Simpson, Necklace and ring F21.

We are so funny!

Enjoy your Sunday!!! I'm actually going to Six Flags today, so I need to go get some sleep! Good night, my friends!

XOXO, Olya

July 24, 2010

my exhausted self for the last two days.

Oh man... what a week I had... I've been so busy with work and school, that I didn't even sleep much this week. 4 hours of sleep every night. But now it's over and we have the weekend!!! Yay!!!
Tonight I even went out with the boy and had some wine. I needed it! lol
Also, I'm still exploring with my new camera. The quality is so great that now I see every single imperfection on my face! hahaha... but here is two pictures of my tired (more like exhausted) face.

What are the plans for this weekend, girls?

July 22, 2010

N.V. for Stella McCartney Fall 2010

I am obsessed with Nataliya Vodianova. I really, really like her... I can't even explain how much I like her. Therefore, when I came across this ad I couldn't resist to post it.
P.S. I'm planning to visit ZARA this weekend. It's dangerous!!!!

I'm thinking Fall in Summer

Yes! I can't stop thinking about fall shopping! Almost every store has been updating their inventory to new fall items and I can't get enough. I'm putting these on my wish list since my birthday is coming up soon and maybe some of my wishes will be fulfilled.
As you can tell, I'm still crazy about the wooden sole, clog sort of thing. It's so chunky and cool, that I don't even care about the size/height of that heel. I also, love the yellow rainboots from Hunter. Aren't they the perfect rainy/gray day accessory?
1, 2, 3, 5 - Steve Madden, stevemadden.com
4 - Hunter short wellington Boots from net-a-porter.com
What are your fall picks? Have you seen anything good yet? Let me know!
Fall lover, Olya

July 21, 2010

Back to business:)

Yay!!! I'm back!!! I feel bad for not blogging for a while, but I'm back! As you know, I went babysitting on Saturday. I babysat a baby girl who is almost 1 year old. She was such a sweetie with me. No crying. No fuss. I love her! I took so many pictures of her, but only few came out alright. It's hard to take pictures of babies!!! I never knew!!! And it was so funny, cause I was babysitting her from 7 to 10:30 pm and all she did was searching through my bag. By the time she was done with it her parents were back.
This picture is a must!

she was playing with my cardigan for an hour!!!!

Coming up this week: Outfit post and some delicious Crepes recipe!

XOXO, Olya

July 17, 2010


Hi guys!!! I just wanted to let you know that I finally got my canon in the mail and am very excited to start using it. I do find it a little complicated, but auto mode is great! lol

Today, I'm finishing to write a paper on Sebastian Bach, and later going to babysit a 11 months old S... She is adorable. If I get a chance I will snap few pics of her.

I hope you guys are having a great summer! The weather has been a pure blessing for the heat lovers.

I will talk to you soon:)
XOXO, Olya
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July 15, 2010

My Thursday lunch:)

So much for summer figure. Lol.

July 13, 2010

American Girl and Jessica Alba

The Winner of my Contest!!!

And finally after 2 weeks of waiting we have our winner. It's funny because she claims that she never wins! Also, I never thought that the first random number will be .... #1.
Congratulations, Jess from "I rock so what"! I hope you find your new goodies as helpful and fun as I find mine.
Please e-mail me at olgakaragodina@msn.com with your mailing address.
For those who didn't win, I'm sorry, but I only have one goodie bag to give away! But definitely try your luck next time! Never give up, girls!!!
This was fun! can't wait to do another one:)
XOXO, Olya

July 12, 2010

Anniversary night

So, who watched soccer yesterday? I did!!! It was a pretty boring game but I'm glad that someone got to score! Congrats Spain!
Now, let's see what else I did yesterday: I spent most of my day searching for the camera that I want. Actually I wasn't sure what camera I wanted, and then when I made up my mind, it happend that it was sold out everywhere, except for Costco ($1499 including 2 lenses) and in BestBuy ($1200 including 1 lense and nothing else). Here I'm talking about Nikon D90. Everyone who has it, loves it so I thought I would get it too, but...
Then, when I did my research I found that the new Canon T1i is very similar in features to Nikon D90. So, I thought if I dont find D90, I will get T1i. But it was sold out everywhere as well. Best buy had it for $900 ( including 1 lense).
At the end of the day I was very upset, and just went to costco dot com and ordered the T1i for $909 ( includes 2 lenses, 4GB memory card, and few other things). Nazar was happy that we didnt spend the extra $600 for Nikon D90. I didn't really have any feelings, no happiness, no sadness... lol... I was : whatever. I guess I was tired from all that searching.
Also it was our anniversary last night so we went out to eat. I got a little drunk, just like every anniversary/valentine's day that we celebrate together . I have 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio, and I'm out. lol.
Anyway, now I'm waiting for that stupid camera, cause who knows how long it will take them to ship it.
Last night's outfit.

I wore my brand new dress that I got from METRO PARK, Sandals - Urban Outfitters, Watch - Target, Bag - Long Champ.

P.S. I have some new beauty related products that I bought last week. This nail polish is one of them (Essie "Lapis of Luxury"). I will talk about it sometime this week.

Did anyone shop MAC's "In the groove" collection? What did you get?

And you guys still have few hours (10 hours to be correct) to enter my contest, if you haven't done so. ENTER IT HERE.

XOXO, Olya
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