July 06, 2010

Back to reality.

Oh boy... I'm back from my very short getaway to the lake with the fam. It was really relaxing, warm, and fun. I honestly did not want to go back home. I wish I could stay there for another few days, cause the weather was perfect and I didn't spend a dollar, cause my parents paid for everything. Thank you guys! I love you!
Unfortunatelly, I didn't take that many pictures and didn't have exciting outfits at all. I just didn't feel like getting dressed: I was in my bathing suit most of the time.lol.
But here are some pictures from when we went to the town and when we went to see the fireworks on Sunday night.
Top - Anthropologie , Shorts - Abercrombie (old), Sandals - Zara, Bag - Dooney and Burke (birthday gift 2007), Sunglasses - Cole Haan.

Nazar on the tube:)

Swimming with my little brother

Olya on the tube

I'm waiting for fireworks in my cozy ZARA denim shirt and white jumper from F21. At this point I was super sleepy, cause we had dinner and walked a lot and then I had ice cream, which hit "the spot" and made me even more sleepy.

Nazar jumping into the lake:) looks funny, I know

That was our view from the room of our rented lodge.
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  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! That lake is so pretty, I'm not surprised you wanted to stay longer.

  2. what a lovely blouse on first pic :)

  3. Looks like the perfect summer day! love the denim shirt!


  4. I love the glasses of the first photo ... wonderful .....nice blog ..^.^

  5. cute 1st outfit Olya! And its true, the Zara denim shirt is so cozy and I like your bikini a lot!
    aren't holidays just great!!! So what is that blogger award you mentioned while in was away in Turkey?


"Will Blog For Comments" :)