August 05, 2009

Midnight project.

Finally I got around to re-pot my plants!

I've had my palm tree for 2 years now and never changed soil. It's really bad for the plant. They say you have to re-pot them every 3-4 months!
And the other plant, called Billig, I just got last Saturday when I went to Ikea.

Post edible arrangements.

I went to the supermarket too and got some fruit. It was pretty good. I need one of those chocolate melting things and then it will be perfect.

AND this piece of art i actually made myself for my 21st birthday 2 years ago!

Day of shopping!

This evening I went to buy a bridal shower gift. I'm going to bridal party on Sunday with Nazar's mom. On top of that I decided to do some back to school shopping. Plus I wanted to buy something cute for my trip. By the way it's like 8 days away. I'm really nervous!!! Anyway, here are the things I bought.

Dress $30 and Scarf $9.95 from American Eagle. They are having a sale ( they always have a sale, I used to work there for about 4 years, good times) so every single item I bought there was already reduced price, cant ask for anything better. It was lovely!

V-neck tee $19.95 and tube top $14.95, also from American Eagle. Very soft and comfy.

Two pairs of Abercrombie&Fitch jeans. They fit me great. Nazar hates the ones with the holes, but he will love them, he's just being a baby.

Yesterday- the day of doing nothing.

Masha came over yesterday with a bottle of Martini &Rossi. We watched a movie at my place, talked like maniacs, finished my edible arrangements, and later on went to Barnes and Noble to buy a book. The funny thing is that I was scared to open the bottle, so Masha decided to do it herself. She did a very good job.No mess. When I was trying to open it I was trying to use a wine opener and was afraid that the cork will fly into my face along with the opener. Then at night when I finished the bottle I accidentally read a very important message taht was wrotten on the bottle. Please read on the bottom picture.

It's the book that I started reading. It's very interesting, so I'm thinking of keeping it until I go on the plane next week and finish it there.

Read the last sentense.

last bites of heven!

August 03, 2009

My Birthday is over :(

Yesterday it was my birthday and now it's over. Another year added. I didnt do anything special, but I spent all day with Nazar and my family. Well, not all day, because Nazar was super hungover from the saturday party. I hurt my leg and elbow, so it's pretty funny how we are so messed up and only at 6 pm we got to my parents house. Anyway, here are some pictures.

My gift: GPS, now I will never be lost!

this one is so funny.

my poor elbow.

and leg

Restaurant decoration. Very Ukrainian.

My baby brother, super tired by this point of the party.

My cousin singing a song. He was pretty good. He is a fame sucker....heehee!
This thing was hanging on the door to the lady's bathroom. First, I was like "Only pregnant women are allowed? why?" but then I got it - women and babies!

Some of the event pics:)
Edible arrangements from my baby. It's so so so so good!!! Best gift ever!

August 01, 2009

Dress for tonight!

Good for me, I found this dress last minute at the mall. Party is tonight and I wasnt sure what to wear. It's my stepdad's 40th birthday. As you can see, you can wear this dress 4 ways. Pretty cool, I think. Dress is from Zara ($80).

Also, got these two strapless bras from American Apparel as a gift from my very good friend. She's the best.
And bought myself a new sports bra (maybe that will make me go to the gym) and 2 hair pins.

Shakira's "She wolf", 15 sec video preview!!!

Ukraine's Got Talent winner!!!

I'm so excited to finally find this video! In Ukraine, just like in USA we have this show called ...... got talent. In this video is performance by the winner, a girl who draws with sand. The theme of the video is being with your family and spending enough time with them, because you never know when the time will come to say good bye. Watch and let me know what you think.