September 27, 2009


Hello! Last night was crazy! We went out to this new club that opened up in our area. It was sick! Everyone enjoyed it to the max. It was so packed though, that we couldnt really dance as one group. So, what did we do? Drink!!!!
They have valet parking, I was so happy about it, cause it was raining outside and impossible to find a parking spot. We had a blast!!!!!

Hanging out with some friends that are dear to me. Oh, and I went by myself, because Nazar got sick and had fever. I felt bad leaving him at home sick, but my friends live 8 hours away, so I really wanted to see them. Plus, he said it was ok to leave him. But we'll see how ok, when he gets better. You know what I mean?! heehee

Group picture, while waiting for our cars.

September 26, 2009

Cruel love

Yes, this love is cruel! Shoes are evil! I can never just walk by them! They are cruel and beautiful at the same time. So, I need to stay away from any shoe store or shoe department in my area. It's getting out of control. Really....

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010

Wide shoulders in both feminine and boyish looks.

Futuristic dresses.

Sporty and cozy sweater dresses


Very sporty

Lots of gray and faded colors

Sheer with leather.

High socks

The shoe!!!

Unique back details

Now, more sheer. And I thought that lace was to stay and sheer was to go?!

Super cool accessories.

I'm in love with the hair! Hair was the first thing that drew my attention to this collection. Desperately need to grow mine out. It's been short for too long. And dont get me wrong, I love short hair, but again once in a while I get that feeling in my heart that it is time to bring the long hair back.

September 22, 2009

Past weekend

Hello! I am falling behind in everything and my blog is suffering from being abendoned. I have not posted a single normal post since I came back from my trip. Bad, bad, bad! Mostly it's because I do nothing except school work and part time job. But last weekend was special and I had a chance to take few pictures. I went to the wedding of Nazar's friends Roman and Natasha. They got married in the park! How great is that?!!! I always go to traditional weddings in church. Unfortunatelly, i had no idea that this one was in the park so I missed out on the ceremony. I only went to the party. It was held in a very small Russian restaurant, which I thought had no dance floor. And to my surprise, even though the dance floor was very small, we still managed to have a blast. I dont even want to start on food, it was delicious!!!! I caught the bouquet and had to go through the 10 min "all attention on me" thing, but it wasnt as bad as the last time. Maybe because I grew up a little or maybe I have lost all the innocence that I had left in me, too sad! Anyhow, here are the pictures:

So this is not the greatest picture but it's the only one I got with the newlyweds.

Our gang!

Dessert. Oh so good!!!

Haha. So here is the bouquet! Everyone keeps telling me that it's a sign. Well, this is my second one. I caught one 2 years ago and nothing happened, people! I'm just a really good athlete, who can catch things that are coming at my face!!! heehee...That's all!

I did my hair, since I had no time to buy a new dress. I wore this dress 3 years ago for my birthday party. And let me tell you, find the time to buy a new dress! it is very important!!! Otherwise, you are not going to feel 100% satisfied. I hate the dress and wish that I had put more effort into this event!

September 09, 2009

Best movie of this summer!!!!

On friday I went to the movie theatre with Nazar to see "500 day of Summer". And let me tell you, it is the best movie of this summer ( I mean "Harry Potter" too but they are not in the same category). Nazar liked it too. It's just different. This is the kind of movie I thought I would see when I was going to see "He's just not that into you".
I Love It!!!

one more video! YSL

so cute!!!

I want my bacon!!!!!!!hahaha

September 01, 2009

I'm back!!!!

Hello!!! Finally I made it back! I'm posting some of the pictures from my trip. The rest will come later. I'm still dealing with my move from one place to the other. I packed dozens of boxes and now I need to empty them. Anyway, here it is.
on the plane, right before the take off to Ukraine.

Our stop in Amsterdam. I love their chocolate! The best one so far.

Lunch at Amsterdam

at the airport all excited!!!
First day in Ukraine.
long day of walking and looking at stuff. next day on the troleybus. So funny.
River Dnipro
My native city of Ternopil
Lunch with some beer of course. To buy clothes is very expensive there but food is very cheap. We went out a lot to some really nice places and it never cost us more than $15-20 for two. And food there is really good and fresh. It's called - everything organic!!!