September 27, 2009


Hello! Last night was crazy! We went out to this new club that opened up in our area. It was sick! Everyone enjoyed it to the max. It was so packed though, that we couldnt really dance as one group. So, what did we do? Drink!!!!
They have valet parking, I was so happy about it, cause it was raining outside and impossible to find a parking spot. We had a blast!!!!!

Hanging out with some friends that are dear to me. Oh, and I went by myself, because Nazar got sick and had fever. I felt bad leaving him at home sick, but my friends live 8 hours away, so I really wanted to see them. Plus, he said it was ok to leave him. But we'll see how ok, when he gets better. You know what I mean?! heehee

Group picture, while waiting for our cars.


  1. u look very pretty, so does inna...and u put some eyeliner on!!! nice


  2. I feel honored to be on your blog... :):) wait till I tell Romik this is just gonna make his day..


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