September 01, 2009

I'm back!!!!

Hello!!! Finally I made it back! I'm posting some of the pictures from my trip. The rest will come later. I'm still dealing with my move from one place to the other. I packed dozens of boxes and now I need to empty them. Anyway, here it is.
on the plane, right before the take off to Ukraine.

Our stop in Amsterdam. I love their chocolate! The best one so far.

Lunch at Amsterdam

at the airport all excited!!!
First day in Ukraine.
long day of walking and looking at stuff. next day on the troleybus. So funny.
River Dnipro
My native city of Ternopil
Lunch with some beer of course. To buy clothes is very expensive there but food is very cheap. We went out a lot to some really nice places and it never cost us more than $15-20 for two. And food there is really good and fresh. It's called - everything organic!!!

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