October 27, 2009


October 25, 2009

Evening at the park.

Tonight I decided to take my self to the park. It took me all day to decide on it but I made it!
And I even managed to have some pictures taken. After the park went to have dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant. It was delicious...
Now I'm home doing some school stuff and I'm getting a headache. Not a good thing but anyway, it's time to sleep soon.

October 20, 2009

Long ones...

Anya Rubik above for McQeen, I believe. Her legs are like spider legs. I feel like she can twist them into any way she wants. And for short people like me, I wonder what it feels like to have those legs?!!!

Long leged freaak!!!

October 19, 2009

Addition to the family...

Oops! I did it again... I bought another pair of shoes. I have been looking for a pair of booties for a long time and found these at ShoeWoo. The moment I put them on I was in love. They are very confortable and have a little platform for better support. I love them!!!

October 18, 2009

New Room

Hi!!! I finally got a chance to take some pictures of my new room. I think I mentioned that I moved to a new place. It's been 1.5 months. And this past weekend I unpacked the last box. I was very excited because it feels like it has been forever!
This room is so much smaller than the one I had before but everything is new: floor, windows, closet, door. Closet is very small! I had to get rid of some of my clothes in order to fit everything in. And my shoes just dont fit at all, so I keep some boxes under the bed.
One thing that I noticed from these pictures is that the walls of my room are empty. I only have one poster that I put up using scotch tape. So, I will be looking for some wall decorations!

The green ottoman I got at Homegoods last year and it's absolutely awsome. I store all of my bags in there.

This is my only poster!!! I got it in the mail from bloomingdales.
And today's outfit: Leggings from "Lohmann's"
Sweater from Zara
T-shirt from Zara
Belt from Zara

October 14, 2009

Long day of driving and zero production.

Hello! So today I decided to go find a fabric store because I needed to buy some tulle and buttons for my project. I googled some stores and the only one around my house is Jo-Ann fabrics and crafts store. There are multiple locations, however, they are all far away. So, I picked one, took out my GPS and started driving. And thats where my hell begins! I spent 2 hours driving and it took me everywhere possible but nowhere!!! I was so mad!!! I spent all this time and couldn't even find the place! Now, my question is: did the store close or did my GPS took me to a totally wrong place? Huge disappointment!
And now that I'm home I decide to make a collage of some picture I found on the internet. I do not take credit for these photos, only for collage:)
The pink tulle is the tulle I wanted to get at the store today. I'm very determined and will get it no matter what it will take me!!!

October 05, 2009

NYC in black and white


Central Park

This is the restaurant where Sex and the city was filmed for the scene, where Big and Carrie fell into the lake. it was also in 27 Dresses.