January 30, 2010

Saturday night.

My Saturday night. Chillig, relaxing, and watching a chick flick:)

January 28, 2010

ChaiSoyMud mask.

Hi, guys!!!
I have been very busy with school and work. And it feels like it's
never going to end. Also this entire week I have been going out almost
every night. I wasn't drinking or anything, but just going from school
to work and then out is tiring me out. So, tonight I decided to do
something for myself. I took a bubble bath and put on my mud mask.
This mask is from Epicuren line. It's all natural and organic. I get
it from the place where I go for facials but I'm pretty sure that you
can get it online. Oh, and it's made in the USA, California!!!

January 27, 2010

Today's hair style.

Hello!!! Today I had to wake up early for my 9 am class and I since I
didn't do my hair last night I had to do it this morning. I decided to
curl it instead of just straightening it and to my surprise it only
took me 10 extra minutes. I learned a new way how to do it fast. I was
even thinking of doing a video post to show you guys how I do it. I'm
sure most of you know how to curl your hair, but I had one reader who
asked me how I do it. So maybe in a very close future you will be able
to wach this video. I'm working on it:)

January 24, 2010

Camden Aquarium.

I'm in safari style, which doesn't go with penguins at all.

I finally visited this aquarium! It was awsome!

January 21, 2010

Dark room, Green with Envy, and Jumpin' Jade 22.

Dark room. Very dark green. It looks almost black.

Green with Envy. This is what I'm wearing today.

Jumpin' Jade 22. I wore this last weekend. Sorry, not the best quality. It's a mobile picture.

Lounge photo

January 18, 2010

My Baby's birthday

On saturday, was my boyfriend's birthday. For a long time we thought how should we celebrate and finally we came up with an idea to get a VIP booth at our favorite club, invite our friends and just have a blast. And that's what we did. Unfortunatelly, not every one was able to come, but to those who were present, Thank you very much for coming and we will have to do it again sometime!!!!

January 15, 2010

This is one more thing that I forgot to post about in the last post.
Loreal mascara with a curved brush. It was $5 at Target. I have to say
that it is very nice. It goes on smoothly and doesn't clump lashes. I
use Lancome Virtuose mascara and this one is very close to that one.
Maybe I'm just crazy about the curved brush. Call me obsessed, I know
I am:)

My new baby; and then E.L.F. and others.

Hello, everyone!!! I have not used my computer for about a week now. And thats because I am using my new phone!!! It is an iPhone and I dont want to brag but it is the best investment ever. I Love this little phone/computer thing. Thank you Apple!!!

Now, I will talk about my latest discoveries in the beauty world. Haha.
So here we are:

1) Styli-Style Colorlash mascara in 3703 green shock. I got it at RiteAid. I found it in a dark corner of RiteAid, which does not make sense to me... Why would they hide such a unique product?!

2) These are my new nail polishes from Sally beauty supplies. I will name them from left to right:B325 Palermo Plum C, green with envy, 080 Tempest 0322, Jumpin' Jade 22.
So far I only tried insta-dry sally hansen one. It's very nice and dries super quickly!

3) MAC eyeshadow in CLUB satin. One word- AMAZING.

4) MAC lipstick in Pretty Please. i'm not sure but it might be a limited collection. Anyway, it's very smooth and it gives me the perfect nude/pinkish lip color that I love.

5) Maybelline lipstick in Pink me up. I love the name of it:) It a pink color that is not Barbie pink. I like it a lot and it feels nice on the lips. And it's only $5!

And now let's talk E.L.F. So I was very skeptical about the quality of these products because of their price. I mean each of their products is only a dollar!!! Except of their Studio collection which ranges from $3-$20. But one of my friends bought things from them and she liked it and youtube gurus talk about it too, so I decided to give it a try. Whats the verdict? - I like them a lot! The top picture has ELF brushes and some of my brushes in the ELF brush holder. This holder is very nice too. I put rice in it to make brushes stay upright. I know, I know, there are special beads for this, so if anyone knows please let me know where I could get them. Cause I looked in sephora and they do not sell those.
The bottom picture is with brushes that I got from ELF. From the left: eye shadow brush, smudge eye sponge, defining eye brush, eye liner brush, eyelash and brow wand, brow comb & brush. All of these are pretty nice for $6. And I believe it's worth it.
I am not paid to promote things. I bought these things with my own money.
(If anyone is curious why I wrote the last sentence, it's because there is a new rule for bloggers and vloggers where we have to state if we get paid for promoting products and if we get things for free or whatever. You get the point)

January 10, 2010

This is our Christmas tree. I think it's pretty much dead now, so we will have to get rid of it soon. It was very nice in the beginning.
P. S. Jess, I'm praying for your father and your family! It too shall pass...

January 09, 2010

This is a Must see movie!!!! If you guys can watch it in IMAX that's
even better. I really enjoyed this movie. It's full of action, however
the story is intersting and kind of romantic as well.
I read many articles before I went to see this movie and I totally
agree that this movie is going to change the movie making history.


Hi everyone!!!
I'm doing a mobile upload as an experiment. I hope it will work.
Oh! And this is my bunny Bella( no she is not named after Bella Swan from Twilight). •_•*

January 07, 2010

Christmas haul.

I am doing a haul on the gifts I got from people and on the stuff that I bought for myself with the money that was given to me as a gift. These are not all of the presents that I got, but it's very hard to pull all of them together to take pictures. Therefore, here are my favorites!!!

Gift #1 I bought myself. Pandora bracelet with few charms. It came from Jared Jewelry store.

Gift #2, was from my mom. I dont know if you guys know, but I'm really crazy about my teeth.
So this gift was perfect! I love it! Best toothbrush ever!!!

Gift #3 is from my boyfriend. This watch was $125 and it fits very well, sometimes, watches are too big on me. So, I like this one too!

Gift #4 also from my boyfriend! I think we all know what they are: Ray ban!!!
I love them!!!!

Gift #5 I bought myself. It's a scarf from Zara, and I have been looking for one like this for few months now. Well... now I got it:)

Gift #6 is from my dear friend Vale, who got me this awsome clutch!!! I love studded stuff! iLIKE!!!!

Gift # 7 is from Vale too!!! and it's a scarf that has a symbol of Eiffel Tower !!! SO cute!!!!

I'm here!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!
I'm so sorry I wasnt able to write here for this whole week or so. But I was away in Pittsburg, PA skiing and partying. It was very cold and thank God I brought three different jackets with me, it was freezing!!! I had to wear my warmest jackets, glowes and scarfs over there. Also, UGGs were extremelly helpful! I forgot how warm they really are! They are amazing to keep warm. I didnt take pictures while we were skiing but it was a lot of fun. Guys stayed out all day with little breaks in between skiing. Inna and I on the other hand, took it easy and half of the day spent in the lounge drinking some hot tea and looking for Motrin. (I had a really bad backache)
I'm getting old!!!!!
So, here are some of the pictures:

New York City Christmas tree. It was raining that day but there was no people so we could actually take a picture.

New Year party
I used eyeliner and some MAC shadow for eye makeup. And my friend did my hair using a flat iron.

This picture was taken after the party, so we are pretty tired at this point:)

My super shiny dress from French Connection. Oversized shoulder and insdead of sequence dress, I chose this one.

Santa helpers:)

The night after New Years party at the most famous german restaurant in Pittsburg, PA.
Taking some ski shots...lol