January 07, 2010

Christmas haul.

I am doing a haul on the gifts I got from people and on the stuff that I bought for myself with the money that was given to me as a gift. These are not all of the presents that I got, but it's very hard to pull all of them together to take pictures. Therefore, here are my favorites!!!

Gift #1 I bought myself. Pandora bracelet with few charms. It came from Jared Jewelry store.

Gift #2, was from my mom. I dont know if you guys know, but I'm really crazy about my teeth.
So this gift was perfect! I love it! Best toothbrush ever!!!

Gift #3 is from my boyfriend. This watch was $125 and it fits very well, sometimes, watches are too big on me. So, I like this one too!

Gift #4 also from my boyfriend! I think we all know what they are: Ray ban!!!
I love them!!!!

Gift #5 I bought myself. It's a scarf from Zara, and I have been looking for one like this for few months now. Well... now I got it:)

Gift #6 is from my dear friend Vale, who got me this awsome clutch!!! I love studded stuff! iLIKE!!!!

Gift # 7 is from Vale too!!! and it's a scarf that has a symbol of Eiffel Tower !!! SO cute!!!!


  1. Yes, I know!!! i love all of my family and friends!!! my life would not be the same without them!!!

  2. u got the ray bans!niceee, i love them...and im glad u liked ur gift...ohhh remeber what i said about clothing in chile, thinkin i wouldnt like anything...well, i was wrong! they have so many nice stuff...ive gotten some stuff already...the other day i got a sweater from zara on sale hehe and i went to topshop(which is also expensive here) and almost got a simple but beautiful dress...it was $60 and can u believe my cousins said it was too much money so didnt let me buy it?!!?lol..i hated them that day but at the same time they are taking care of my pocket...lol...but i might go back, and if i find it again, it was meant to be lol

  3. haha.. you sick shopoholic!!!!


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