April 30, 2009

Last meeting of this semester!

Today was the last meeting of this semester and we decided to make it a little special by decorating the room, wearing bright colors, and getting colorful little things. It was really good. We played 2 games as well: Mad Libs and Taboo. it was so much fun. Taboo is going to be my new favorite game, cause it's just so exciting and it gives you sort of an adrenalin rush.. hahaha... I'm a dork. Anyway, I was sad to say good bye to our members, since we won't see them until September. Maybe I can organize a beach trip or something. That should be fun, right?
Now I have to do my Russian take home test and then study for aquatic entomology. Last quiz tomorrow and my prof. makes them extra hard. I'm nervous. Also, I have an optometrist appointment tomorrow morning, and that makes me even more nervous. I'm definitely getting glasses cause I can't see ****. Nazar is coming with me in case they will dilate my eyes... Oh god, my stomach is turning. Wish me luck and hope that I will survive through tomorrow.

April 28, 2009

Something scary went down at my apt!!!

Oh my god! So just now, when we are about to go to sleep we are sitting in Nadya's room and over a sudden I see her run for the door. I of course jump on the bed without any questions and see that on the floor there is a huge house centipede!!! It's gigantic!!! And it's moving really fast and looks pretty disgusting. Then it stops. Nadya runs to the bathroom and brings our bathtub spray cleaner and starts spraying it like crazy. It was really intense and funny. I was laughing so hard! And now we are all paranoid that it will crawl into our beds.

Nadya - the exterminator!

Help me pick the Godmother dress...

So, my cousin had a baby recently and I was given the honor to be the godmother for a little munchkin. Now I have to get the dress. The baptism will be on May 10th, so I still have some time. Pictures from above are my choices.

Wedding bells for Speidi!

Now, we can all breath evenly, Speidi tied the knot!!! Unbelievable!

I know the bridesmaids, but who are those groomsmen?

April 27, 2009


Oh my gosh!!! So, I have been complaining about the cold weather. Well, it went from 50s to 90s!!! There is no spring in this freaking tristate area... I feel like I'm melting... I worked today at the office, and then I went to the beach with Nazar and his friends, but we got there sort of late, so it was cold, especially next to the ocean. We went for hibachi again... It was really nice, and the place was super fancy... people were wearing evening dresses there. And now I'm at my place getting some home work done for tomorrow, plus I packed all of my winter clothes and will be dropping it at my parents house tomorrow morning. I'm going home because it's my mom's birthday... So, I will make her a little surprise tomorrow, showing up with all my winter coats and shoes... heehee... That's it for now.

At the beach today.

It was so windy that my hair was all over the place...

At the restaurant. This girl's gotta eat!!!
Saturday. My parents were throwing a party for their 10th anniversary plus my mom's birthday.
Hahaha.... my brother's face!!!

My mom's very good friend, who's like a sister to me. I love her!!!

April 25, 2009

long day at work, while some one has been in the sun all day!

My dinner for tonight.

Katia and this totally amazing and sweet dog... I want a dog like that. it's eyes were so sweet, i cant even describe it. love it!

So yes, today was my usual Friday at work... One good thing is that I finally got to work with my very good friend Katia. It was a lot of fun. We missed out on a good weather but worked very hard for the salary we get. hahaha...
And now I'm home, doing my Russian homework. It's literally driving me insane!!!! Nazar wrote half a page for me and said that it was the most ridiculous thing that he has ever had to write about. Plus he had no idea what the poem was about.
Also just finished my dinner - spicy noodle soup.. yum,yum...

April 22, 2009

I found this picture in the lookbook of shopbop.com. I really like the top. It just looks so freaking cool!
Heidi Montag (The hills star). Personally I do not like Heidi at all as much as the rest of their crew, but her outfit is so me. I would love to wear this outfit. Especially shoes and bag. She's also wearing an oversized black stone ring and I have been looking for one since the beginning of this year, but no luck so far. Over all a very nice daily outfit.

midnight snack

my unconditional love for grapefruit.

April 21, 2009

Tonight it's me and "Ben&Jerry's"

Ben and Jerry's , cherry garcia - my favorite!
ice cream swirl...

my little brother

Outside the church on Sunday

April 20, 2009

Very special Easter gift!

Oh boy! it is soooo much better in real life than on these pictures. The leather that it is made off is the softest leather I have ever touched. 100 times better than my Marc Jacobs Leather bag!!!!

Yesterday was Ukrainian Easter and I got the best gift ever. Nazar got me a Fendi wallet!!! And it was so sweet. We were walking from store to store and then we went into Fendi. I saw this wallet and said: Oh god, this wallet is so nice, I wish I had it, mine is totally falling apart. And he goes: oh really? you like it Olya? Then lets get it!
My jaw and eyes were dislocated from my face from shock and happiness, and something else, Idk... It was as simple as that! A very nice sale associate at Fendi wrapped it very nicely, gave us some tea while we were waiting, and I was just like it was my first day on this planet! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!! Heehee... Sweet!!!

April 19, 2009

Cultural show!

Today's outfit! Jacket, shirt, and mini skirt are all from H&M. Shoes are from ZARA

My new love - my ZARA shoes!!!

Nastya, Anna, Etel, and I

Our poster about Russian culture

Last night was the Rutgers cultural show. We made a poster and dressed up but it wasn't anything special. Some clubs had special performances. We didn't prepare anything like that so we just sat and watched others. But that's good, cause I don't really like to go on stage... I would probably fall off of it anyway.
Today I'm going to New York to see my parents. Nazar is coming with me. We will probably eat all day because my mom is going crazy cooking since I'm coming home. And today is Greek catholic Easter, my step dad celebrates it. Maybe we'll go to the church?!

April 16, 2009


Today's outfit
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: 1921

April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Yes, today is Easter!!! I'm very happy! The weather is great, people are happy, and I'm in the best mood. In the morning I went to this church that I have never been to. The area where I live is not very familiar to me and I don't belong to any church, so I googled catholic churches and went to the one that is closest to me. I went by myself. the mass was nice, especially chorus. After the mass, I went home, called my catholic friends and wished them the best.. heehee... Later on Nazar got here and we just slept through the entire day. We woke up around 7:30 pm. I personally love afternoon naps, and he hates them, cause he cant fall asleep, but today we slept like angels. And the feeling after the afternoon nap is so amazing, I love it! Your body feels so mellow and relaxed, but I always wake up very hungry. We went to eat and then we watched Twilight. I finally made Nazar watch it. He hated it, of course. But now at least I can say that I tried.
Good night!!!

April 12, 2009


Today is Nadya's birthday, so last night we went out for dinner. We went to this Japanese place called Gasho, it's in upstate New York. Food was really good. I ate so much that I couldn't really breathe. Then we wanted to go to karaoke place and when we go there it was gone!!! they closed it!!! I was really shocked, cause I went there last summer and now it's gone. It was a really good place. I'd gone there for so many years. sad... So we went to some diner to get tea ( we all wanted tea). It was a long night and then I had to get home. It took me like 40 minutes to get home. So tired...
But today is Easter!!!! I'm so excited about it. I have no plans at all but I love Easter. I'm roman catholic while my entire family and my boyfriend are Greek catholic so their Easter is next weekend (they go by the old calendar). And when I got home from Nadya's birthday night out I found flowers next to my bed. Nazar left me flower for my holiday... He is so sweet... Now you know, why I said that he is almost like Edward Cullen (Twilight) -_-*!!!!
We just got there
Group picture
Singing happy birthday. They hit our head with that thing and it made some funky noise.
That is some candle
My flowers... -_-*.

I just realized that the bear in the picture above is on all of the pictures of flowers that Nazar got me. Nazar's mom gave me this bear for my birthday last year. It sings Happy Birthday and moved its mouth... so cute

April 11, 2009


Sushi that Nazar made.
These are mine

working hard

He's too cute!

Today is a Good Friday and I decided not to eat anything all day but of course Nazar was being annoying so instead of eating out we made sushi at home. They came out so much better than we thought they would. I mean they weren't super duper professional bu they were good. Nazar's were gigantic! And I was really good with rolling them up. Plus we had a blast! Afterwards it took me like 30 minutes to clean up. But it's all good while you are having fun, right? -_-*