April 30, 2009

Last meeting of this semester!

Today was the last meeting of this semester and we decided to make it a little special by decorating the room, wearing bright colors, and getting colorful little things. It was really good. We played 2 games as well: Mad Libs and Taboo. it was so much fun. Taboo is going to be my new favorite game, cause it's just so exciting and it gives you sort of an adrenalin rush.. hahaha... I'm a dork. Anyway, I was sad to say good bye to our members, since we won't see them until September. Maybe I can organize a beach trip or something. That should be fun, right?
Now I have to do my Russian take home test and then study for aquatic entomology. Last quiz tomorrow and my prof. makes them extra hard. I'm nervous. Also, I have an optometrist appointment tomorrow morning, and that makes me even more nervous. I'm definitely getting glasses cause I can't see ****. Nazar is coming with me in case they will dilate my eyes... Oh god, my stomach is turning. Wish me luck and hope that I will survive through tomorrow.

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