April 28, 2009

Something scary went down at my apt!!!

Oh my god! So just now, when we are about to go to sleep we are sitting in Nadya's room and over a sudden I see her run for the door. I of course jump on the bed without any questions and see that on the floor there is a huge house centipede!!! It's gigantic!!! And it's moving really fast and looks pretty disgusting. Then it stops. Nadya runs to the bathroom and brings our bathtub spray cleaner and starts spraying it like crazy. It was really intense and funny. I was laughing so hard! And now we are all paranoid that it will crawl into our beds.

Nadya - the exterminator!


  1. omg i hate those fuckin bugs...excuse the languague lol...but they freak me out!


  2. Oh I know.... I freak out when I see them!!!

  3. they are way too fast! and when u kill them, their legs are still moving ewwwwww gross lol


  4. did you know that they eat spiders??? i googled this bug up.... they say that if you dont get rid of your spiders this crazy looking bug will come to your house to get rid of them for you!!! we cleaned our apt the next day!!! hahaha....


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