April 12, 2009


Today is Nadya's birthday, so last night we went out for dinner. We went to this Japanese place called Gasho, it's in upstate New York. Food was really good. I ate so much that I couldn't really breathe. Then we wanted to go to karaoke place and when we go there it was gone!!! they closed it!!! I was really shocked, cause I went there last summer and now it's gone. It was a really good place. I'd gone there for so many years. sad... So we went to some diner to get tea ( we all wanted tea). It was a long night and then I had to get home. It took me like 40 minutes to get home. So tired...
But today is Easter!!!! I'm so excited about it. I have no plans at all but I love Easter. I'm roman catholic while my entire family and my boyfriend are Greek catholic so their Easter is next weekend (they go by the old calendar). And when I got home from Nadya's birthday night out I found flowers next to my bed. Nazar left me flower for my holiday... He is so sweet... Now you know, why I said that he is almost like Edward Cullen (Twilight) -_-*!!!!
We just got there
Group picture
Singing happy birthday. They hit our head with that thing and it made some funky noise.
That is some candle
My flowers... -_-*.

I just realized that the bear in the picture above is on all of the pictures of flowers that Nazar got me. Nazar's mom gave me this bear for my birthday last year. It sings Happy Birthday and moved its mouth... so cute


  1. looks like you had an awesome day yesterday. i got my haircut again! but i'll post about it some other time. i'm not in a posting mood.

  2. oooo.... new haircut??! ok I will be waiting... and talking about the posting mood, sometimes there is really nothing to write about or just no feeling for writing... so I get it too... -_-*


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