April 09, 2009

too sleepy to write...

Oh boy... I have to finish my paper for tomorrow but I'm getting really freaking sleepy. It's that time period when your body is super ready to sleep, but if you wait up for like 30 or 40 min you will resume and will be more awake than ever. So, I'm waiting for that time to pass.
Oh! I just thought of that book by Chopin "awakening" . That book was so boring that I never even finished it. I'm sure it has a good ending but I read half and it was still boring. I gave up. grr... and the book that I read for this paper, Watermark, by Joseph Brodsky, is also extremely boring and for the most part you think to yourself: what the f... is he talking about??? Fish, mirrors, fish eyes, reflection, trench coats, etc. Basically, it's really hard to read. I reread it twice to finally get it. And it is an amazing book once you get it. Otherwise, you want to throw yourself of the cliff just so you wont have to read another page of nonsense.


  1. ah! is it cold? it's not here... 80 degrees!

  2. Well, it's like really wierd, yesterday it was freezing and today it was really warm... And tomorrow it will rain... Every night I have to check the weather... it's annoying... sometimes I go to bed and remember that I forgot to check the weather, so I get up and check it... (I never leave it for the morning, I'm always late heehee)


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