April 20, 2009

Very special Easter gift!

Oh boy! it is soooo much better in real life than on these pictures. The leather that it is made off is the softest leather I have ever touched. 100 times better than my Marc Jacobs Leather bag!!!!

Yesterday was Ukrainian Easter and I got the best gift ever. Nazar got me a Fendi wallet!!! And it was so sweet. We were walking from store to store and then we went into Fendi. I saw this wallet and said: Oh god, this wallet is so nice, I wish I had it, mine is totally falling apart. And he goes: oh really? you like it Olya? Then lets get it!
My jaw and eyes were dislocated from my face from shock and happiness, and something else, Idk... It was as simple as that! A very nice sale associate at Fendi wrapped it very nicely, gave us some tea while we were waiting, and I was just like it was my first day on this planet! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!! Heehee... Sweet!!!

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  1. beautiful wallet! all i can say...ur a very lucky girl lol



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