April 25, 2009

long day at work, while some one has been in the sun all day!

My dinner for tonight.

Katia and this totally amazing and sweet dog... I want a dog like that. it's eyes were so sweet, i cant even describe it. love it!

So yes, today was my usual Friday at work... One good thing is that I finally got to work with my very good friend Katia. It was a lot of fun. We missed out on a good weather but worked very hard for the salary we get. hahaha...
And now I'm home, doing my Russian homework. It's literally driving me insane!!!! Nazar wrote half a page for me and said that it was the most ridiculous thing that he has ever had to write about. Plus he had no idea what the poem was about.
Also just finished my dinner - spicy noodle soup.. yum,yum...


  1. that's a weimerainer! i think i spelled that right. they have the nicest eyes.

  2. yes!!!! the eyes were blueish... very nice... and super sweet... like a doll


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