March 30, 2011

Day 5&6. Dominica Island

Dominica island is covered in rain forest. It is absolutely amazing there due to its raw nature. We went on a hike instead of the beach trip there, just because we wanted to explore something else but the beach. And it was so much fun!

{In Dominica I wore: Old navy swim suit, Lucky Brand dress, Aerie sunnies}

March 28, 2011

Day 4 Aruba - One Happy Island!

There is not much to say, except that it is absolutely freaking gorgeous in Aruba. The island people, drinks, shops, beaches! Everything is very nice.

{My incredible DIY head cover.}

I wore: American Eagle shorts, Aerie swim suit and sunglasses, J.Crew straw bag, Zara tank and sandals, and my Club Monaco bangle.

March 27, 2011

Vogue US Aprill 2011, Beautiful Bodies.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Have a great Sunday!!!!


March 26, 2011

Day 3 Curacao Island

And we are on day 3 of my vacation. I've been back for almost a week and I miss the warm weather soooo freaking much. I miss the feeling of that vitamin D absorbing into my skin. It's a great feeling... but... it will be a while before we have a nice sunny day here on the east coast. {sad face}
Anyway. So the third day of my cruise we spent on the Curacao island. It is a dutch island and its private beaches are really nice and clean. There are some really kind and sweet people on this island. It was a bit cloudy, but most of the afternoon was sunny. Here it is...

Now, how do we like my super jump? ;)

How cute is their architecture?

my outfit is very lame, but it's alright, I think. We can't look perfect all the time. Plus, I was on vacation, people!!! Which means, no effort at all...

xoxo, Olya

March 24, 2011

Day 1&2 of my Spring Break

Hi my dear friends! I've missed you so much! I was having a lot of fun the past 10 days, but I did think about blogging at least 5 times per day. However, it is time to go over my trip and share my excitement. {It has not died out yet}. The next few posts will be my cruise recap only, so I hope it will not bore you. And today I will literally start from day 1, when we got coffee at the airport on our way to San Juan, Puerto Rico.
So, buckle up, my friends! we are hitting: San Juan, Curacao, Aruba, Dominica, St. Thomas, and old San Juan.

Me, already on the ship, ready to depart.
{sweater F21, Tee, pants and sandals are from Zara}

This cruise ship is massive, I tell ya. And they had way too much activities planned for us.
in the open ocean
{Aerie sunglasses, and American Eagle swim suit from 4 years ago}

Inside the ship
Our first formal Night. Captain Night.

{I wore dress from French Connection(old), Shoes from Steve Madden (old), studded clutch - a gift from a very special friend, necklace from American Eagle}

That's the end of day 2 and tomorrow we are arriving at Dutch island Curacao!!!

xoxo, Olya

March 13, 2011

Eye Candy

Leaving you for a week with this inspirational post. Enjoy!
When I come back, we are going to have a little giveaway and tons of new pictures!
XOXO, Olya

March 09, 2011

A little color for spring spirit.

I'm in the middle of an exhausting process of getting everything done for school and work, before I leave for my vacation. And yesterday at work we celebrated the international womens day. It's not even a holiday in US, but in my motherland Ukraine it's a pretty big holiday. Anyway, due to this holiday, all the girls at work got flowers. Spring is almost here!!!

March 04, 2011

February Favorites

Yay! It's March!!! And I am only few days away from my vacation! Before I leave, I will make sure to please you with some interesting posts. And as I usually do at the beginning of each month, today is the day for monthly favorites.
This past month, I used a lot of old products, but I also have experienced some new things, which if you recall, I bought from sephora in the first week of February.
1. Shiseido Multi shade enhancer. So, I used up my Smashbox bronzer and moved on to this one. I have been loving this bronzer for over 4 years now. And this is my second one. I love it.
2. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch. I use this for my dark under eye circles, and It does wonders. It is very easy to blend in and feels very smooth. The only thing that I do not like about this product is the packaging; I'm not a big fan of pen like products.

3. Lush "It's Raining Men" shower gel. This stuff smells like heaven!!!!!!! And leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. I bought 2 bottles of this, cause I believe it was a limited edition. Not sure though, let me know in the comment box if I am mistaken.
4. Boscia make up break up oil. This is the first time I used oil to remove my make up. I paid $10 for this little bottle at Sephora, and am going back to get more once I'm out of this. It removes makeup like no other cleanser I have ever used. It's pretty amazing to me, how oil removes makeup, and leaves my face oil free. Try it!!!
5. Epicuren Apricot scrub. I did not use this product since fall, and few weeks ago I decided to exfoliate my face the old way, with some scrub. I fell in love with this product all over again. Leaves skin so smooth, that I can't even explain how smooth. Unfortunately, Epicuren products are only available through the registered sellers, but if you have one near you, I recommend you try something from them. They are amazing!!!

6. Maybelline Define-A-Lash volume mascara. I have to say that maybelline has some great mascaras. I have the newest too, it's called One by One, but I haven't used it enough to say much about it. This one, on the other hand, is my love. Love the formula of it.
7. Urban Decay Naked palette. That's all I've been using this whole month, I swear!!! It's wonderful! Thanks, Katia for giving me such an awesome gift!!!!
8. Urban Decay Primer Potion. I love this stuff! works like magic! For me it gives no creasing for more than 12 hours.
9. Mac eyeliner pencil in Teddy. Just a nice brown liner; goes on smoothly, without tagging on the lid, and good lasting power as well.

10. Mac Cremesheen lipstick in Creme Cup. I decided to take a little break from Hue. This is a more of a pink alternative of Hue.
11. Nivea Kiss of Moisture lip care stick. Use it every single night before I go to sleep, and then I wake up with a fresh, smooth, and moisturized lips. and it's only $2 at Target!!!

That's it for my Febuary favorites. For me this months felt rather long, even though it only had 28 days. (did anyone watch that movie? the 28 days, it was scary!!!). I think I will bring all of these with me on my vacation. Plus, my Lancome Teint Idole foundation! Cause I can't live without it. I didn't include it in this post, just because I included it in so many of my previous monthly favorites. You know, I like it!
Have a great Friday!
And I will see you soon!!!
xoxo, Olya

March 03, 2011

Quick update!

Hi guys! So I've been on a project "Clean up your closet". It is pretty exhausting to tell you the truth. I had to go through every single piece of clothing that I own and decide if I will keep it, toss it, good will it, or give it away to a friend. And I packed one full black garbage bag of stuff that's going to good will, one full garbage bag of clothes that I'm sending to my friend, two medium shopping bags of clothes that I am giving away to some family friends, and one white garbage bag of clothes that I would like to keep. With that said, you understand that I ended up with no clothes. And since I did that and the fact that I'm going on vacation, I've spent the last few evenings shopping!!! I didn't buy much, cause I can't just replace my whole wardrobe in one week, now can I? But I bought some cute things. I might do a post on the things I got ( cause it's not a lot), or you will see it once the outfit posts roll around.
Tonight, tough, I will post about my February make up and beauty favorites, so look out for that.
And just so this is not just a boring written post, I'm including a picture of my new favorite drink: blackberry pomegranate martini.
See ya'll soon!