March 03, 2011

Quick update!

Hi guys! So I've been on a project "Clean up your closet". It is pretty exhausting to tell you the truth. I had to go through every single piece of clothing that I own and decide if I will keep it, toss it, good will it, or give it away to a friend. And I packed one full black garbage bag of stuff that's going to good will, one full garbage bag of clothes that I'm sending to my friend, two medium shopping bags of clothes that I am giving away to some family friends, and one white garbage bag of clothes that I would like to keep. With that said, you understand that I ended up with no clothes. And since I did that and the fact that I'm going on vacation, I've spent the last few evenings shopping!!! I didn't buy much, cause I can't just replace my whole wardrobe in one week, now can I? But I bought some cute things. I might do a post on the things I got ( cause it's not a lot), or you will see it once the outfit posts roll around.
Tonight, tough, I will post about my February make up and beauty favorites, so look out for that.
And just so this is not just a boring written post, I'm including a picture of my new favorite drink: blackberry pomegranate martini.
See ya'll soon!


  1. cleaning the closet is always exhausting, so I understand you very good. :)

  2. oh yes you are back! and I also clean my closet about 2-3 times a year otherwise I could not buy new stuff! actually I need to put up more pics of my stuff to sale, I have a new blog...hihihi, called my wardrobe!


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