February 28, 2009

Long day and heavy mail.

Samantha Jones and Richard
SJP on the cover of Harper's Bazaar...The Spring Fashion Issue!
I ordered some face masks and body scrubs. I'm addicted to those.

So today I was at work... usual Friday... it felt like this day was never going to end! After work my boyfriend and I went for some sea food, it was delicious. And then I had to go get my mail that goes to his place. I had a package awaiting for me from Yves Rocher and four magazines: Vogue, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire. The last one is not one of my favorites but I read it from time to time. I was very excited to see Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of Bazaar. I love her! So of course, when I got to my place I watched some of the episodes from Sex and the City season 4. Tomorrow is Saturday. I have to go with my friend Olya (yes shes got the same first name as mine) to put up some posters for Russian Club that we are trying to start. I'm not Russian but I'm taking Russian as my minor, so I don't mind doing it. So anyway, tomorrow I will be going around the campus with a pile of posters and a staple gun. Should be fun. I hope it wont rain!!!

February 25, 2009

I.D. Bare Minerals

Recently, I saw some of my friends using these products and they said that it was really good. So, I purchased a starter kit from Bare Minerals to try it out. It arrived today in a mail. It looks pretty good. I mean, I don't trust my lightning in my room but tomorrow when the sun is up I will try it out again. I'm not that good when it comes to make up, so hopefully this will bring up my natural beauty. I like the natural look and these products are supposed to bring it to that. Haha! We'll see how it will wok out. I ordered my kit online but I know they have them at Sephora stores. It's $60. The good thing that it has those 3 brushes, so it may be useful for other things as well. I also purchased a heated eye-lash curler. At first I thought that it doesn't work, but once I figured the way to use it, it works very well. It takes more time than the regular eye-lash curler does, but it works better (at least for me it does).

February 24, 2009

Nicole Richie - Pregnant...

Yes, she is pregnant again. She had some sweet maternity outfits last pregnancy, we'll see some good ones this time too. -_-*

Heavy Bag.

Yesterday I was walking from my car with some bags and my purse seemed very heavy. I decided to see whats in it, that weights so much... and it was my cosmetic bag! I removed all the stuff that was unnecessary and left only things that I use every day or at least 3 times a week. On the picture are the things that I'm keeping. Among them my Dior mascara, Shishedo bronzer, Almost makeup by Clinique, Dior face lotion, Narciso Rodriguez HER perfume, Dior lipstick, Korez lip gloss, solid perfume, eyebrow pencil, and a brush. My purse feels better now. I mean I had so many unimportant things in it that I was practically weight lifting.. hahaha...
Ok, I'm going to bed now. I have school tomorrow and it's really late already.

February 23, 2009

The 2009 Oscars

I'm not sure this picture is going to be good, but it is a list of all the winners of 2009 Oscars. The best actor Sean Penn, best actress Kate Winslet, best picture Slumdog Millionaire, best supporting actor Heath Ledger, and best supporting actress Penelope Cruz. No oscar for Brad or Angelina:(

February 21, 2009

Robert Pattinson. Jay leno.

Hahaha! He is so funny! But he should wash his hair! Come on, it probably smells....

February 20, 2009

Twilight Nostalgia....

Today I was thinking about Twilight again. I'm a huge fan of Twilight Saga. Gosh, Edward is just this unrealistic guy, who probably doesn't exist. I mean my boyfriend is almost like him but still has some work to do. Oh well, at least there are tons of Bellas. So, the movie is coming out on DVD om March 21st ( I believe, not sure though). I kept myself away from downloading a copy from the internet, therefore, I can't wait to see it. When "Sex and the city" came out on DVD I had a little get together with the girls, so I will probably do the same for Twilight. It was a lot of fun, even though Katia fell asleep on my lap! No drinks for her this time. -_-*
Anyway, tomorrow I have to work and then I'll hit the gym and start working on my research paper for my Landscapes in Russian Literature class. It 's a very interesting class, but writing about paintings and literary works is driving me crazy. PLUS I have to do some research on my own, which I totally drag... So, that's it for today.
Once again, congratulations, Jess! I'm so happy for you and your husband!

February 19, 2009

Marchesa, Fall 2009

Marchesa Fall 2009. Their dresses are amazing. Haha... I love the first one on the last picture. I feel like if I would wear that dress I would be in heaven. It just seems so light and happy. And there are so many details on their dresses. All I can say is wow! Marchesa, you guys are fascinating!!!

February 18, 2009

My pets... Rupert and Bella

Today I went to school, later at night gym. And the rest of the night I spent taking pictures of Rupert and Bella. Today they are behaving very well, so I can manage to get a zoom on them. I also found out that after 4 months of literal begging for a new door, our landlord decided to do us a favour and install one. It's beautiful... Hahaha... Yes, it looks beautiful in comparison to the old one. I think the old one was at least 30 years old. My house mate and I live in a very old apartment building while we are in school. Some days it's ok, but some days I look at everything and ask myself : How did we get here??? hahaha... no, it's not that bad. I think the worst of it is the kitchen and bathroom. Our rooms are ok. Little decorations and it is even better than ok. Anyway, we got a new door. It's amazing!
So, here is Rupert and Bella (rabbit):

February 15, 2009

Valentine's day post...

This years Valentines day was very special. I was working all and when I got to my apartment after work I found these beautiful flowers right next to my bed with a love note...Sweet...
This year my boyfriend and I had planned everything sort of last minute, but it came out better than ever! We got the latest reservation at our favorite Italian restaurant. It was for 10:30 pm, I thought we would be the last one to come in, but no there were more people coming in until about 11 pm. So, we order our food, get a bottle of wine. Midway through our dinner we were wasted!!! I don't know how it happened, but my boyfriend was so drunk that I have never seen him like this in public. It was funny. Anyway. I had a great outfit. I got this top from H&M and skirt is from Bebe. So the night was great!

February 13, 2009

This is so funny!


I just did some shoe browsing on the internet and found these cool shoes. Their prices are pretty reasonable. They are from Steve Madden and Urban Outfitters:

What a day!

Thank god today is over, but I'm afraid of tomorrow... Hahaha... It might be even worse. Anyway. This morning I went to the gym, the usual (spin class with Orit), then I get home, go to the bathroom, and my toilet doesn't work!!! I called my super. Of course it's going to take them forever to fix it, so for now I have to keep the lid off and manually pull the plunger to flush... How nice, huh? Then I go to my Russian Lit class, it was extremely boring. I couldn't even keep my eyes open. After that I had class after class, no breaks. And when I got home my house mate tells me that our fridge is broken and she threw out all the food because it went bad. Guess, what I had for dinner tonight? -Grapes! I guess, I'm calling my super tomorrow morning. Again. On top of everything it got colder again... This winter is never going to end. I mean, we had so much snow, that all of my shoes are covered with those salt stains, that don't come out easily.

Oh man, I'm just so tired from today. But tomorrow Rupert is coming to live with me for a week! So excited!!!!

February 11, 2009

Happy Days! The weather was great today... It's getting warm... I've been crazy about strawberries for the past month. Not sure how long this phase will last but it tastes yummy...
My mom is coming to visit me tomorrow. We are planning to go shopping. My parents are going to Mexico this saturday for their 10 year anniversary, so shopping should be fun. Plus, one of my friends is turning 21, in USA it's a big deal, you finally get to drink ligally, need to get her some useful present:) Also, on friday my parents are bringing me my brother's hampster Rupert, so I can take care of him while they will be gone. I will posts many pictures of him, he's a cutie!!!I'm excited!!!

February 10, 2009

Yesterday was a very unproductive day. Therefore, today, I have to pull it together and do my school work. It's getting out of control. Just wanted to post my new obsession. This painting is called "Princess Tarakanova" by Konstantin Flavitsky. I absolutely love this painting... I'm getting a poster for sure.-_-*
Ok, I'm off to do my Russian homework that has been piling up since 2 weeks ago.

February 07, 2009

wow... it's so late. I just got home from the movie theatre, I saw "He's just not that into you". It's so dissapointing... they totally mimic themselves. First they say that all those romantic stories of friend's friend's happy endings are myths, and then at the end of the movie they brought all the points of realtionships back to those myths. I mean it was cute and all, but not realistic. There are some good actors or maybe not as good as popular in this movie, overall grade B-. Sorry...
P.S. Ginnifer Goodwin is so cute... She is the perfect pretty girl!

February 04, 2009

..... sitting at work, really bored... there is like nothing to do... I hate days like today...and the worst is, that i'm alone in the office and i'm hungry...
This morning I finally made it to the gym... I did one of those spin classes, but had to leave in the middle of the class cause my legs gave up on me... it's unbelievable how weak I gor since last year. Tomorrow I must go again, or I shall not see the beach when summer comes around. Heehee

Snow, snow, snow...

sweet evening... to be honest I have never seen this much snow lying around for more than 3 hours... it's like a fairy tale, a white Neverland!