February 15, 2009

Valentine's day post...

This years Valentines day was very special. I was working all and when I got to my apartment after work I found these beautiful flowers right next to my bed with a love note...Sweet...
This year my boyfriend and I had planned everything sort of last minute, but it came out better than ever! We got the latest reservation at our favorite Italian restaurant. It was for 10:30 pm, I thought we would be the last one to come in, but no there were more people coming in until about 11 pm. So, we order our food, get a bottle of wine. Midway through our dinner we were wasted!!! I don't know how it happened, but my boyfriend was so drunk that I have never seen him like this in public. It was funny. Anyway. I had a great outfit. I got this top from H&M and skirt is from Bebe. So the night was great!


  1. oh thank you... it's from Zara. It's more of a autumn coat but during a mild winter it is useful too.


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