February 18, 2009

My pets... Rupert and Bella

Today I went to school, later at night gym. And the rest of the night I spent taking pictures of Rupert and Bella. Today they are behaving very well, so I can manage to get a zoom on them. I also found out that after 4 months of literal begging for a new door, our landlord decided to do us a favour and install one. It's beautiful... Hahaha... Yes, it looks beautiful in comparison to the old one. I think the old one was at least 30 years old. My house mate and I live in a very old apartment building while we are in school. Some days it's ok, but some days I look at everything and ask myself : How did we get here??? hahaha... no, it's not that bad. I think the worst of it is the kitchen and bathroom. Our rooms are ok. Little decorations and it is even better than ok. Anyway, we got a new door. It's amazing!
So, here is Rupert and Bella (rabbit):


  1. thanks... I wish I had a dog though... but right now it's not the time for me, I guess. Poor thing would spend all day in the house.I'm thinking of getting a french bulldog in one year. So, I still have to wait. -_-*

  2. awwww bella is adorable! i want a bunny now!hehe...and rupert is cute as well...loved his work out in the video! u should tk him to the gym to motivate u!hahaha



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