February 11, 2009

Happy Days! The weather was great today... It's getting warm... I've been crazy about strawberries for the past month. Not sure how long this phase will last but it tastes yummy...
My mom is coming to visit me tomorrow. We are planning to go shopping. My parents are going to Mexico this saturday for their 10 year anniversary, so shopping should be fun. Plus, one of my friends is turning 21, in USA it's a big deal, you finally get to drink ligally, need to get her some useful present:) Also, on friday my parents are bringing me my brother's hampster Rupert, so I can take care of him while they will be gone. I will posts many pictures of him, he's a cutie!!!I'm excited!!!

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  1. mmm... strawberries. this weather has been so crazy. i'm not sure where you're from, but here in virgina it's been 70 degrees. i love global warming.


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