February 28, 2009

Long day and heavy mail.

Samantha Jones and Richard
SJP on the cover of Harper's Bazaar...The Spring Fashion Issue!
I ordered some face masks and body scrubs. I'm addicted to those.

So today I was at work... usual Friday... it felt like this day was never going to end! After work my boyfriend and I went for some sea food, it was delicious. And then I had to go get my mail that goes to his place. I had a package awaiting for me from Yves Rocher and four magazines: Vogue, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, and Marie Claire. The last one is not one of my favorites but I read it from time to time. I was very excited to see Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of Bazaar. I love her! So of course, when I got to my place I watched some of the episodes from Sex and the City season 4. Tomorrow is Saturday. I have to go with my friend Olya (yes shes got the same first name as mine) to put up some posters for Russian Club that we are trying to start. I'm not Russian but I'm taking Russian as my minor, so I don't mind doing it. So anyway, tomorrow I will be going around the campus with a pile of posters and a staple gun. Should be fun. I hope it wont rain!!!


  1. okay, that box of stuff looks expensive!

  2. It actually didnt cost me that much.I paid around $30 bucks including shipping. They have some promotions from time to time. I love their stuff. I used to live in Europe and Yves Rocher is one of my old favorites. Their stuff are all botanical and they have a lot of things for young skin.

  3. that's pretty awesome. so what are you doing in the states now?

  4. I moved here few years ago for school.... and I like it a lot, so I'm trying to get my citizenship now.


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