February 13, 2009

What a day!

Thank god today is over, but I'm afraid of tomorrow... Hahaha... It might be even worse. Anyway. This morning I went to the gym, the usual (spin class with Orit), then I get home, go to the bathroom, and my toilet doesn't work!!! I called my super. Of course it's going to take them forever to fix it, so for now I have to keep the lid off and manually pull the plunger to flush... How nice, huh? Then I go to my Russian Lit class, it was extremely boring. I couldn't even keep my eyes open. After that I had class after class, no breaks. And when I got home my house mate tells me that our fridge is broken and she threw out all the food because it went bad. Guess, what I had for dinner tonight? -Grapes! I guess, I'm calling my super tomorrow morning. Again. On top of everything it got colder again... This winter is never going to end. I mean, we had so much snow, that all of my shoes are covered with those salt stains, that don't come out easily.

Oh man, I'm just so tired from today. But tomorrow Rupert is coming to live with me for a week! So excited!!!!

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