February 25, 2009

I.D. Bare Minerals

Recently, I saw some of my friends using these products and they said that it was really good. So, I purchased a starter kit from Bare Minerals to try it out. It arrived today in a mail. It looks pretty good. I mean, I don't trust my lightning in my room but tomorrow when the sun is up I will try it out again. I'm not that good when it comes to make up, so hopefully this will bring up my natural beauty. I like the natural look and these products are supposed to bring it to that. Haha! We'll see how it will wok out. I ordered my kit online but I know they have them at Sephora stores. It's $60. The good thing that it has those 3 brushes, so it may be useful for other things as well. I also purchased a heated eye-lash curler. At first I thought that it doesn't work, but once I figured the way to use it, it works very well. It takes more time than the regular eye-lash curler does, but it works better (at least for me it does).


  1. i would love to get into using an eyelash curler. it sorta freaks me out a little bit though, but nonetheless, i want to try it. i've never used bare minerals but my step mom does. her make up always looks amazing. it covers EVERYTHING without looking cakey. tell me how it works out. you should do before and after pics.

  2. Hahaha... ok, I will... it's a good idea... but i'm afraid that you might get scared of the before picture!

  3. it makes for good blogging though.


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