April 29, 2013

Ricotta pancakes recipe - Ukrainian Sirniky

I'm back with another recipe. This time is it a sweet dessert. I remember eating these pancakes when  I was little and it is definitely on the list of my favorite desserts. 
Lets get started!!!
Ingredients You Will Need:

350 grams (0.77 lb)
1/4 cup of sugar ( you may use less, it's optional)
2 eggs
4 Tbsp of all purpose flour

This recipe is very easy, all you need to do now is mix all of your ingredients, mix should be nice a creamy without big clumps.
Then use frying pan and spatula. Put oil in the frying pan and with a spoon place the pancake mix in it, making little islands in the frying pan. I make my pancakes thin but big and round, that way they are cooked faster. I would say you only need to cook them for few minutes on each side. And it's done.
After they are ready you can use some powdered sugar or jam on them.
I eat mine with a side of fruit.

XOXO, Olya