June 30, 2012

Bag stories

Shopping addiction is still going strong.
 Just as if I don't have enough bags, I've been eyeing some of these.
 The good news is that some of them are starting to go on sale.  The bad news is  - I'm very indecisive and will probably change my mind like million times before I actually pick the one I like. There are so many good bags out there. 
Last week I went through my bag collection and gave up few of my bags to my mom.  
Therefore, I'm looking for some replacements:)

1. Python Embossed clutch by Allibelle 
2. Cross body bag by Z Spoken Zac Posen 
3. Shirley Bow satchel by Z Spoke Zac Posen
4. Back Pocket clutch by Marc By Marc Jacobs

{all images are from piperlime.com}

June 20, 2012

Summer days

Hi guys!
Just a recap of last Sunday. Morning was spent at this lovely farm, where we got to pick some sweet peas and strawberries. The weather was perfect too, couldn't ask for better.
How is everyone's summer going so far?

 XOXO, Olya

June 07, 2012

Peter Pan collar.

It's funny how trends  tend to come back  after many years. We are all obsessed with neons, friendship bracelets, and big chunky jewelry pieces, that were so popular in the 80's and 90's. And now another  old trend from the past, this Peter Pan collar necklace. I love it
I don't know if any of you watch the show Pretty Little Liars, but in the last season  (season 2), last episode, where Spencer was at the masquerade  ball she wore a mustard dress and this very lovely collar necklace. Ever since then, I was looking for one. I found few eBay retailers who make these and was sort of putting off ordering from there, cause I was hoping to find one in a local store. (I hate paying shipping). 
And  finally, I  was in H&M the other day and they had this lovely piece. Can't wait to put more wear into it. 
What do you think of these? Yay or Nay?
Like usual, made my collage for instagram.  My user name is olhabear.
XOXO, Olya

June 04, 2012


Instagram! I am bananas about insragram! I almost never go on on Facebook and twitter  anymore. But I am always on Instagram. My username is : olhabear, feel free to join.
And now that we are on this subject, here is a little collage of my "feet" that I've instagramed in the past weeks or so.

XOXO, Olya