March 29, 2012

skin care

Hey there!
After a long battle with different skin care products I came back to my old and  well know clarisonic.
I tried many face cleansers with it, and the latest one that I'm using is this one by Benefit. So far no breakouts, and everything is going smoothly. I've used it for about 2 weeks now. A lot of people like it and recommend it. I gave it a try and it seems to work just fine. I have to warn you though, it has a pleasant but very strong smell. Therefore, may not work everyone.

xoxo, Olya

March 12, 2012

MARNI kind of day

These designer collaborations with H&M are becoming like a special occasion to see my two dear friends from my freshman year in college. We hang out, we gossip, we shop. 
I didn't get much, but at least I had an awesome time with my girls!
Did any of you shopped this collection? They had some seriously awesome accessories, 
which were gone so fast!