June 30, 2009

I've been busy with....

MAKING JELLO (not jello shots, just jello) -_-*



AND of course I've been studying like a crazy person, who never wants to leave her books at home.

June 29, 2009


Sorry, I will be back tomorrow night. I think.

June 22, 2009

Breakfast of a champion!

Oh, I'm tired... I took my second chem test today and it was stressful. I felt like I could have done so much better if I spent more time studying... And that pisses me off... So, now i'm going to study. I have 2 more weeks to go and I will be done with summer session I. Cant wait for summer session II, I need more work, so I dont get lazy.
Also, just finished writing out checks for my bills and, man, I have a lot of bills!!! School is my most expensive bill, it sucks. then, goes rent, then credit card, and the the rest. That reminds me that I need to get more hours at work, so I can survive. Need to save too, since I'm going to Ukraine in August. I'm kind of excited to go there with Nazar. I wish we could go there for a little bit more than just 2 weeks though. Anyway, I'm blabing too much right now.
Gotta go!

June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

Happy Fathers Day everyone! I hope you had a good day, cause I know I did:) I spent the whole day with my parents. My brother did not perform his dance because his partner couldn't make it but we still had fun watching others and eatting lots of Ukie food.

People eating and chatting.

My lil brother and my stepdad. Kids playing.

Necklace that I got at the festival. It's hand made and looks exactly like the one UO had last season for $48. This one cost me $12.

Date Night.

Hi! Tonight was a date night. I don't know why,but Nazar called it this way. We went to Pithari Taverna restaurant, Greek place, which is around my corner. And I have only one word to say about it - it was Delicious!!!!! It was very loud, blue, and ...Greek. And it was awsome. Food was very fresh and it sort of reminded me Ukrainian food. Basically, I loved it.

Ha. This was the only sign in the place that was in english, everythig else was in greek.

Aww... Blue candles. Nazar said it was romantic.

My dish.yum,yum!

Baklava. The freshest baklava I have ever had.

The couple. Heehee...
My hair looks really bad, and I was sort of upset about it. I straightened it but because of humidity and rain exactly in 1 hour it was like this. The ends of it turned whereever it wanted. Crazy!!!
Over all, I had a great time.
Tomorrow I'm going home for a day. Fathers day, I need to pay my respect to my parents. We are supposed to be going to see my brother's dance crew perform somewhere, but I'm not sure if thats still the plan.

June 20, 2009

Random findings.

Dresses from shopbop.com

Thread Social. (Love the nude shoes)

Bridgit Catiis. (Tribal prints) / Lisli. (Crazy about navy with white)

Alice+Olivia. / Theory.


Narciso Rodriguez. ( for me black and white is same as navy with white - love it!)

June 18, 2009


A new Forever 21 store just opened up in my area. Clothes is pretty organized there and I happened to find this beautiful dress. I was looking for one like that for a while, so I was excited to find it here. It was cheap too. And on my way to the register I saw this t-shirt. They had a lot of cool tees and but there were big sizes and extra small sizes left. So, I bought the Mon Amouor tee. I love that it's extremelly girly.

The dress was about $26 and its material is very cozy.

having trouble with uploading pictures.

For some reason my pictures do not upload. Maybe my internet connection is too slow. But I'm not sure. Anyway, I will try this tomorrow again. grrr...

June 15, 2009

Some hot picks

3.1 Philip Lim Resort 2010

Super cute pants. I have a pair in navy blue from last year. Cant wait to wear them again. And this non stop rain is in a way! It's gotta stop!
Wrap around skirts. Many designers have this type of skirt in their collections.
And as we see, jumpers and leather jackets are here to stay for another sweet season. I need to get myself one of those jumpers.
Such nice dresses. I'm starting to like his collections more and more. They are very wearable.
I mean, anyone can wear any of his pieces, they are perfect for everyday life.
Lace. And this is so me. I'm lace crazy!!!

This picture is from the Teenvogue prom issue. I love, love, love this dress! I wish someone whould make something close to it for much cheaper price! I so want it!!!

June 13, 2009

How do you sleep???

Oh god, this picture is so small... But if you can see it's kind of interesting what it says.

June 11, 2009

I feel so great!!!

Hello. It's 4:22 am and I just finished my chemistry online homework that is due tomorrow afternoon. I should be sleepy but I'm really excited because finally my hard work paid off, I got 93/100 on my homework. It took me only about 8 hours to finish it. It was 35 problems and they had parts a,b,c to them. Long story short - I feel some sort of accomplishment and let me tell you it feels GREAT!!!
Now I'm off to sleep. I have about 3.5 hours left.

June 10, 2009

grrr... thats it!

Today is a rather boring day. It got me thinking that I haven't gone to the city in the longest time. I mean, I went there last month but it was sort of a tourist visit. I need to bring myself back there. Have some coffee in the park, shop, see what's new. Visit my favorite sushi restaurant and stop by the new H&M store that was opened last month. Anyway, anyone is welcome on board!!! I think the trip should happen by the end of this month.

June 08, 2009


And now please, some one tell me why do I still have no dog???
My dream dog:

pets of my friends and etc.

This is Penny


The dog of my friend's friend. heehee

Mickey, Inna's dog.

Mickey again.

Elza, a dog of another friends friend.

This dog Inna used to petsit, but he was put to sleep because he had diabetes. So sad.

Some girl's dog from the time when I went to visit my cousin in Canada.

And last, but not least Vale's Kitty.