June 22, 2009

Breakfast of a champion!

Oh, I'm tired... I took my second chem test today and it was stressful. I felt like I could have done so much better if I spent more time studying... And that pisses me off... So, now i'm going to study. I have 2 more weeks to go and I will be done with summer session I. Cant wait for summer session II, I need more work, so I dont get lazy.
Also, just finished writing out checks for my bills and, man, I have a lot of bills!!! School is my most expensive bill, it sucks. then, goes rent, then credit card, and the the rest. That reminds me that I need to get more hours at work, so I can survive. Need to save too, since I'm going to Ukraine in August. I'm kind of excited to go there with Nazar. I wish we could go there for a little bit more than just 2 weeks though. Anyway, I'm blabing too much right now.
Gotta go!

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