June 21, 2009

Date Night.

Hi! Tonight was a date night. I don't know why,but Nazar called it this way. We went to Pithari Taverna restaurant, Greek place, which is around my corner. And I have only one word to say about it - it was Delicious!!!!! It was very loud, blue, and ...Greek. And it was awsome. Food was very fresh and it sort of reminded me Ukrainian food. Basically, I loved it.

Ha. This was the only sign in the place that was in english, everythig else was in greek.

Aww... Blue candles. Nazar said it was romantic.

My dish.yum,yum!

Baklava. The freshest baklava I have ever had.

The couple. Heehee...
My hair looks really bad, and I was sort of upset about it. I straightened it but because of humidity and rain exactly in 1 hour it was like this. The ends of it turned whereever it wanted. Crazy!!!
Over all, I had a great time.
Tomorrow I'm going home for a day. Fathers day, I need to pay my respect to my parents. We are supposed to be going to see my brother's dance crew perform somewhere, but I'm not sure if thats still the plan.

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