June 10, 2009

grrr... thats it!

Today is a rather boring day. It got me thinking that I haven't gone to the city in the longest time. I mean, I went there last month but it was sort of a tourist visit. I need to bring myself back there. Have some coffee in the park, shop, see what's new. Visit my favorite sushi restaurant and stop by the new H&M store that was opened last month. Anyway, anyone is welcome on board!!! I think the trip should happen by the end of this month.


  1. i was in the city today but im in! hahaha...let me know!

  2. that's awesome that you can go to new york city whenever you feel like it. it's like 8 hours away from me. you'd think that i'd go more since i have family there, but i hate the drive. it's waaaaaaay too long, and i have a dog. and a cat.

  3. Yeah, it's really close to me but still I dont go more than maybe 4-6 times per year.... I'm too wrapped up in my school and work...But One Day.....


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