June 18, 2009


A new Forever 21 store just opened up in my area. Clothes is pretty organized there and I happened to find this beautiful dress. I was looking for one like that for a while, so I was excited to find it here. It was cheap too. And on my way to the register I saw this t-shirt. They had a lot of cool tees and but there were big sizes and extra small sizes left. So, I bought the Mon Amouor tee. I love that it's extremelly girly.

The dress was about $26 and its material is very cozy.

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  1. isn't forever 21 great?! but you're right, sometimes they are NOT organized. i find the same to be true for h&m. it makes me irritated trying to shop in stores like that when the clothes are all over the place. anyway, that dress looks fabulous.


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