February 24, 2009

Heavy Bag.

Yesterday I was walking from my car with some bags and my purse seemed very heavy. I decided to see whats in it, that weights so much... and it was my cosmetic bag! I removed all the stuff that was unnecessary and left only things that I use every day or at least 3 times a week. On the picture are the things that I'm keeping. Among them my Dior mascara, Shishedo bronzer, Almost makeup by Clinique, Dior face lotion, Narciso Rodriguez HER perfume, Dior lipstick, Korez lip gloss, solid perfume, eyebrow pencil, and a brush. My purse feels better now. I mean I had so many unimportant things in it that I was practically weight lifting.. hahaha...
Ok, I'm going to bed now. I have school tomorrow and it's really late already.


  1. and i see daisy by marc jacobs all the way in the back.

  2. haha... good eyes... it was my summer 2008 obsession.


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