March 28, 2011

Day 4 Aruba - One Happy Island!

There is not much to say, except that it is absolutely freaking gorgeous in Aruba. The island people, drinks, shops, beaches! Everything is very nice.

{My incredible DIY head cover.}

I wore: American Eagle shorts, Aerie swim suit and sunglasses, J.Crew straw bag, Zara tank and sandals, and my Club Monaco bangle.


  1. have really wonderful time there...have fun

  2. amazing! I am so jealous! Tell me which of the 2 islands (Aruba vs. Curacao) did you prefer?

  3. aaaa, third photo made me mad and jealous. :D God, I wanna go to Aruba too. :)

  4. Cat, it really depends what are you looking for. Curacao has beautiful private beached, so if you want to run away from it all, go there. But if you are looking for more of night life/ lots of drinking and interactions go to Aruba! Anyway I think they both are gorgeous!

  5. I guess u are having the time of your life. My hubby's father is from St. Marteen which we visited 2 summers ago I can't see the day to go back!!!


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