March 26, 2011

Day 3 Curacao Island

And we are on day 3 of my vacation. I've been back for almost a week and I miss the warm weather soooo freaking much. I miss the feeling of that vitamin D absorbing into my skin. It's a great feeling... but... it will be a while before we have a nice sunny day here on the east coast. {sad face}
Anyway. So the third day of my cruise we spent on the Curacao island. It is a dutch island and its private beaches are really nice and clean. There are some really kind and sweet people on this island. It was a bit cloudy, but most of the afternoon was sunny. Here it is...

Now, how do we like my super jump? ;)

How cute is their architecture?

my outfit is very lame, but it's alright, I think. We can't look perfect all the time. Plus, I was on vacation, people!!! Which means, no effort at all...

xoxo, Olya


  1. This architecture is just like in Holland. :)

  2. great photos! :)
    have a nice day!

  3. wauuw gorgeous photo's!
    that colored houses are so cute! And the sea is so bleu, love it!

    loves Nina

  4. The houses on the last pic. remind of Disney.

  5. Curacao looks amazing, you know those houses are typical Dutch only not the color but that is what makes them so original!


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