April 19, 2009

Cultural show!

Today's outfit! Jacket, shirt, and mini skirt are all from H&M. Shoes are from ZARA

My new love - my ZARA shoes!!!

Nastya, Anna, Etel, and I

Our poster about Russian culture

Last night was the Rutgers cultural show. We made a poster and dressed up but it wasn't anything special. Some clubs had special performances. We didn't prepare anything like that so we just sat and watched others. But that's good, cause I don't really like to go on stage... I would probably fall off of it anyway.
Today I'm going to New York to see my parents. Nazar is coming with me. We will probably eat all day because my mom is going crazy cooking since I'm coming home. And today is Greek catholic Easter, my step dad celebrates it. Maybe we'll go to the church?!


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