January 18, 2010

My Baby's birthday

On saturday, was my boyfriend's birthday. For a long time we thought how should we celebrate and finally we came up with an idea to get a VIP booth at our favorite club, invite our friends and just have a blast. And that's what we did. Unfortunatelly, not every one was able to come, but to those who were present, Thank you very much for coming and we will have to do it again sometime!!!!


  1. awwww happy bday to nazar! it looks like u guys had a great time! xo


  2. yeah!!! did u read the part about the people who were not able to come??? you are one of them!!!!!

  3. awww, thank u! i love u!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!
    X, fashionnerdic.


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