January 07, 2010

I'm here!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!
I'm so sorry I wasnt able to write here for this whole week or so. But I was away in Pittsburg, PA skiing and partying. It was very cold and thank God I brought three different jackets with me, it was freezing!!! I had to wear my warmest jackets, glowes and scarfs over there. Also, UGGs were extremelly helpful! I forgot how warm they really are! They are amazing to keep warm. I didnt take pictures while we were skiing but it was a lot of fun. Guys stayed out all day with little breaks in between skiing. Inna and I on the other hand, took it easy and half of the day spent in the lounge drinking some hot tea and looking for Motrin. (I had a really bad backache)
I'm getting old!!!!!
So, here are some of the pictures:

New York City Christmas tree. It was raining that day but there was no people so we could actually take a picture.

New Year party
I used eyeliner and some MAC shadow for eye makeup. And my friend did my hair using a flat iron.

This picture was taken after the party, so we are pretty tired at this point:)

My super shiny dress from French Connection. Oversized shoulder and insdead of sequence dress, I chose this one.

Santa helpers:)

The night after New Years party at the most famous german restaurant in Pittsburg, PA.
Taking some ski shots...lol

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  1. looks like u had a blast! and i loved loved loved ur dress!seriously, i loved it!haha...and its funny how u say u recently learned how to curl ur hair with the iron, because i just did too! my cousin here usually does it like that, its really simple and it looks very cute


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