January 15, 2010

My new baby; and then E.L.F. and others.

Hello, everyone!!! I have not used my computer for about a week now. And thats because I am using my new phone!!! It is an iPhone and I dont want to brag but it is the best investment ever. I Love this little phone/computer thing. Thank you Apple!!!

Now, I will talk about my latest discoveries in the beauty world. Haha.
So here we are:

1) Styli-Style Colorlash mascara in 3703 green shock. I got it at RiteAid. I found it in a dark corner of RiteAid, which does not make sense to me... Why would they hide such a unique product?!

2) These are my new nail polishes from Sally beauty supplies. I will name them from left to right:B325 Palermo Plum C, green with envy, 080 Tempest 0322, Jumpin' Jade 22.
So far I only tried insta-dry sally hansen one. It's very nice and dries super quickly!

3) MAC eyeshadow in CLUB satin. One word- AMAZING.

4) MAC lipstick in Pretty Please. i'm not sure but it might be a limited collection. Anyway, it's very smooth and it gives me the perfect nude/pinkish lip color that I love.

5) Maybelline lipstick in Pink me up. I love the name of it:) It a pink color that is not Barbie pink. I like it a lot and it feels nice on the lips. And it's only $5!

And now let's talk E.L.F. So I was very skeptical about the quality of these products because of their price. I mean each of their products is only a dollar!!! Except of their Studio collection which ranges from $3-$20. But one of my friends bought things from them and she liked it and youtube gurus talk about it too, so I decided to give it a try. Whats the verdict? - I like them a lot! The top picture has ELF brushes and some of my brushes in the ELF brush holder. This holder is very nice too. I put rice in it to make brushes stay upright. I know, I know, there are special beads for this, so if anyone knows please let me know where I could get them. Cause I looked in sephora and they do not sell those.
The bottom picture is with brushes that I got from ELF. From the left: eye shadow brush, smudge eye sponge, defining eye brush, eye liner brush, eyelash and brow wand, brow comb & brush. All of these are pretty nice for $6. And I believe it's worth it.
I am not paid to promote things. I bought these things with my own money.
(If anyone is curious why I wrote the last sentence, it's because there is a new rule for bloggers and vloggers where we have to state if we get paid for promoting products and if we get things for free or whatever. You get the point)

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  1. ahhhaaaa!so u got the iphone, awesome! ;)
    and i see u liked the brushes!they are great for the price u pay, elf has some good stuff



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