October 14, 2009

Long day of driving and zero production.

Hello! So today I decided to go find a fabric store because I needed to buy some tulle and buttons for my project. I googled some stores and the only one around my house is Jo-Ann fabrics and crafts store. There are multiple locations, however, they are all far away. So, I picked one, took out my GPS and started driving. And thats where my hell begins! I spent 2 hours driving and it took me everywhere possible but nowhere!!! I was so mad!!! I spent all this time and couldn't even find the place! Now, my question is: did the store close or did my GPS took me to a totally wrong place? Huge disappointment!
And now that I'm home I decide to make a collage of some picture I found on the internet. I do not take credit for these photos, only for collage:)
The pink tulle is the tulle I wanted to get at the store today. I'm very determined and will get it no matter what it will take me!!!

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  1. go get that tulle! u can do it! lol...miss u, xo



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