September 22, 2009

Past weekend

Hello! I am falling behind in everything and my blog is suffering from being abendoned. I have not posted a single normal post since I came back from my trip. Bad, bad, bad! Mostly it's because I do nothing except school work and part time job. But last weekend was special and I had a chance to take few pictures. I went to the wedding of Nazar's friends Roman and Natasha. They got married in the park! How great is that?!!! I always go to traditional weddings in church. Unfortunatelly, i had no idea that this one was in the park so I missed out on the ceremony. I only went to the party. It was held in a very small Russian restaurant, which I thought had no dance floor. And to my surprise, even though the dance floor was very small, we still managed to have a blast. I dont even want to start on food, it was delicious!!!! I caught the bouquet and had to go through the 10 min "all attention on me" thing, but it wasnt as bad as the last time. Maybe because I grew up a little or maybe I have lost all the innocence that I had left in me, too sad! Anyhow, here are the pictures:

So this is not the greatest picture but it's the only one I got with the newlyweds.

Our gang!

Dessert. Oh so good!!!

Haha. So here is the bouquet! Everyone keeps telling me that it's a sign. Well, this is my second one. I caught one 2 years ago and nothing happened, people! I'm just a really good athlete, who can catch things that are coming at my face!!! heehee...That's all!

I did my hair, since I had no time to buy a new dress. I wore this dress 3 years ago for my birthday party. And let me tell you, find the time to buy a new dress! it is very important!!! Otherwise, you are not going to feel 100% satisfied. I hate the dress and wish that I had put more effort into this event!

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  1. you look beautiful! who cares if it's an old dress, it stil looks great.


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