September 26, 2009

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010

Wide shoulders in both feminine and boyish looks.

Futuristic dresses.

Sporty and cozy sweater dresses


Very sporty

Lots of gray and faded colors

Sheer with leather.

High socks

The shoe!!!

Unique back details

Now, more sheer. And I thought that lace was to stay and sheer was to go?!

Super cool accessories.

I'm in love with the hair! Hair was the first thing that drew my attention to this collection. Desperately need to grow mine out. It's been short for too long. And dont get me wrong, I love short hair, but again once in a while I get that feeling in my heart that it is time to bring the long hair back.

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  1. start taking some prenatal vitamins. you would be shocked to see how fast my hair and nails grow. i have to cut my nails down every week because they grow so fast.


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