August 05, 2009

Yesterday- the day of doing nothing.

Masha came over yesterday with a bottle of Martini &Rossi. We watched a movie at my place, talked like maniacs, finished my edible arrangements, and later on went to Barnes and Noble to buy a book. The funny thing is that I was scared to open the bottle, so Masha decided to do it herself. She did a very good job.No mess. When I was trying to open it I was trying to use a wine opener and was afraid that the cork will fly into my face along with the opener. Then at night when I finished the bottle I accidentally read a very important message taht was wrotten on the bottle. Please read on the bottom picture.

It's the book that I started reading. It's very interesting, so I'm thinking of keeping it until I go on the plane next week and finish it there.

Read the last sentense.

last bites of heven!

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